Podcasting Certificate

Podcasting Certificate

Add your voice to a thriving medium

Available to all OHIO majors, our podcasting certificate helps you build the skills you need to produce and distribute an original podcast. The certificate combines coursework from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and the School of Media Arts and Studies to ensure that you have the technical and storytelling expertise you’ll need to contribute meaningfully to the ever-expanding podcasting world.

  • Develop technical audio skills in dialogue and narration recording, field recording, mixing and finalizing processes.
  • Focus on concept ideation, storytelling, editing, and writing for the podcasting format.
  • Use industry research to determine the best approach for your title, logo, target audience, marketing plan
  • Learn the best practices for episode access and distribution.
  • Regularly interact with podcasting professionals on video conferences.

Course Requirements

The certificate is composed of four core podcasting courses and one elective course

  • MDIA 3705 - Writing and Producing the Non-Fiction Video Podcast Series 
  • MDIA 4706 Podcasting Series Production  
  • JOUR 2230 - Podcasting Survey 
  • JOUR 4200 - Podcasting and Audio Journalism 
  • Elective options include MDIA 1091 - Introduction to Mass Media; MDIA 3303 – Sound for Moving Image; COMS 2040 – Principles and Techniques for Interviewing; JOUR 2050 – News and Information Literacy; JOUR 2150 – Mass Media Writing Principles