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Student uses professional camera equipment to record video
Media Arts Production: Video and Audio Storytelling
Digital Cinema. Producing for Clients. Sound Design.

Explore OHIO's Media Arts Production Degree & the Exciting Experiences That Await!

For some, the nuts and bolts of modern media productions might be less interesting than the stories being told. But if you’ve always wanted to know just how a TV show is developed, a webisode is made, or the effects of a movie come together to dazzle audiences, consider a media arts production degree from Ohio University

In this Bachelor of Science program, you’ll progress through a comprehensive combination of coursework and engaging practical experiences in video and audio production, media writing, editing and so much more. By the end, you’ll have what it takes to succeed as a multimedia creative or media production specialist, either as part of a company or on your own as a freelancer. Read on to learn:

Choose What You Want to Learn

  • Producing for Clients

    OHIO’s degree in media arts production dives deep into the technologies and techniques behind successful video production for the web, for movies and classic TV broadcasts.

  • Sound Design

    Media arts production majors will also learn how to produce, clean and edit audio for a variety of multimedia products and needs, diving deep into modern tech tools and processes to ensure immersive audio experiences.

  • Screenwriting

    As a media arts production major, you'll learn more about screenwriting for short form media and television, adapting other media for screenplays and advanced methods of screenwriting for film.

  • Narrative Filmmaking

    In our media arts production program, you’ll get a crash course in what it takes to successfully produce a media product, whether that’s a single web documentary or a full-blown TV show with a dozen or more episodes in a season!

  • Digital Post-Production

    For many media projects, the real work begins with editing. Our media arts production program will show you how to edit multimedia products successfully — and explore just how important editing is to the final experience for a viewer or audience member.

  • Multi-camera Production

    Multimedia projects that combine multiple elements or are viewed on different platforms are highly complex. Our media arts production program will show you how to create these projects successfully (and give you a chance to participate in their creation before graduation).

Choose Where You Want to Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    OHIO’s residential campus in Athens has everything you need for the quintessential college experience, ranging from fully-stocked equipment facilities to social hubs to study havens where you can buckle down and work on a project until it’s perfect. These features, combined with proximity to the nearby, vibrant downtown, make our residential campus the ideal place to learn and begin your journey as a professional in the media.

    Athens Campus

  • Regional Campuses

    Students may complete the Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Media at the Ohio University Lancaster or Southern prior to transferring to Athens to pursue a Media Arts Production degree.

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

Careers in Media Arts Production

The media arts production degree from Ohio University unlocks a wealth of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. With the skills and experience you’ll gain from this program; you can potentially work as any of the following media professionals:

  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Editor
  • Sound designer
  • Media marketer
  • Film producer
  • Multimedia designer
  • Content strategist
  • Screenwriter
  • Cinematographer

Post-Grad Opportunities for Media Arts Production Majors

Many of Ohio University’s media arts production majors have gone on to work for top-rated and profitable companies, such as Disney, Lucasfilm, Animal Planet and more. Previous alums, in fact, have worked on some of the most successful movies and television shows of the last decade: "Big Brother," "The Force Awakens" and "You" are just a few examples!

If you're ready to add to your expertise and experience after spending time working in the industry, our unique, three-year Master of Fine Arts in Communication Media Arts degree is the perfect opportunity. This terminal degree is a partnership between the Schools of Emerging Communication Technologies, Media Arts & Studies and Visual Communication, and it integrates advanced production skills and contextual knowledge with state-of-the-art facilities.

Get Hands-On Experience With Your Media Arts Production Degree

The best lessons are the ones you learn with your own hands. That’s why media arts production majors will complete several hands-on learning and industry experiences during this program.

Students pose in front of the Hollywood sign

Jump Into OHIO-in-LA

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to work and live in LA? With OHIO-in-LA, you’ll partner with Hollywood media professionals and creatives to gain work experience and network at the heart of the global media industry.

MDIA students pose at SXSW

 Attend South by Southwest

Media arts production majors can attend the annual South by Southwest event in Austin, TX, which combines music festivals, professional industry conferences, and much more. Take the opportunity to network with peers and employers or attend valuable talks to gain new industry insights.

Students pose in Disney

Experience Behind-the-Scenes Tours and Workshops at Walt Disney World

Many of our media arts production majors enjoy a “working vacation” when they get to visit Walt Disney World as part of our Storytelling, Technology, and Digital Media in Theme Parks program! Rather than jump onto rides, you’ll attend workshops and get behind-the-scenes tours to see how the classic Disney magic really works (plus learn how to make your own magic in your career).

Andie Walla coaches a student on the camera during Nelsonville Music Festival.

Record and Produce Live Shows

A collaboration between the School of Media Arts & Studies and WOUB Public Media, the Sycamore Sessions are intimate performances that are recorded and produced by media arts majors during the annual Nelsonville Music Festival.

Person dressed as alien in film

Participate in “Shoot-Out” Experiences

With OHIO’s intense two-day “shoot-out” experiences, media arts production majors will have just 48 hours to create a five-minute film from scratch – doing all the writing, directing, and shooting themselves or with the assistance of fellow majors!

A media arts student films performances at Nelsonville Music Festival

Practice With Media Arts Internships

Internships are great for your confidence and your resume. That’s why you can expect to complete at least one internship with a media company in the media arts production degree program.

Media arts students work behind the scenes at Nelsonville Music Festival

Finish an Intensive Capstone Project

Many media arts production majors finish this valuable degree program with an engaging capstone project that involves writing, editing and/or producing a media experience. 

Facilities and Resources

Why Choose a Media Arts Production Degree?

Today’s most powerful stories are cinematically rich experiences that combine careful craft, auditory enhancements and emotional resonance. Our media arts production majors remember the first time they watched or heard their favorite stories or songs, and they’re inspired to create the same kinds of experiences for others in the world.

The media arts bachelor’s degree empowers you to master multimedia and digital storytelling experiences. The program helps you create new, powerful stories for others to enjoy. It also gives you the behind-the-scenes, insider look at media production you might have always wondered about.

Whether you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of media production and the business side of things, or you’re looking to fully realize your creative potential, the media arts production program gives you the tools, academic knowledge and personal experience needed to achieve your dreams.

Student Support Resources for Media Arts Production Majors

The faculty members of OHIO’s media arts bachelor’s degree are involved from the start of your education. Whether you’re new to college or have switched majors after tackling your first couple of years, you’ll find that your teachers offer one-on-one mentorship opportunities, personalized guidance and internship support from day one.

Your professors and success advisors are committed to providing you with an engaging learning experience. Student organizations further enable you to network and socialize on campus, leading to new ways to become a part of our welcoming community and participate in exciting media projects with your fellow majors.

Don’t forget OHIO’s many scholarships for those in need of financial assistance! Ohio University is here to support your educational journey in whatever form it may take.

Harris Student Support Center

The OHIO Experience for Media Arts Production Majors

OHIO media arts production majors start creating and participating in the producing and marketing media projects in their freshman years. As opposed to other colleges, Ohio University doesn’t make you wait until your junior or senior year to start gaining practical and highly applicable experience for your future career.

For example, many media arts production majors work on projects at the Bob Lyon Studio, which was recently updated with new equipment. Our podcasting studio and other equipment rooms also give you the precise tools you need to realize the creative vision in your head.

Ultimately, the media arts production program is all about experience combined with classroom learning.

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