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Bachelor’s Degree in Animation

Bachelor’s Degree in Animation: Unlock Your Creative Potential

Animation is the art of bringing images to life, and it's a fast-growing industry. With a bachelor’s degree in animation from Ohio University, you’ll learn how to transform still pictures into moving objects — plus create visually engaging art for animation studios, special effect houses and experience design companies.

As an animation major at OHIO, you’ll learn the fundamentals behind animating objects, designing characters and utilizing the most modern technologies to craft compelling worlds and sequences. Whether you want to work in film, cartoons or elsewhere, our animation program is perfect for preparing you for the exciting opportunities ahead! Keep reading to discover more about:

What You'll Learn

  • Animation Degree

    As an animation major at OHIO, you'll have the opportunity to work through the animation process from character design and asset creation to completed narrative animation. You'll explore skills to design, create and engage with technologies to produce digital animation content across diverse storytelling platforms.

  • Fundamentals of Animation

    While pursuing a degree in animation, you'll work through the whole animation pipeline in courses such as: digital techniques for 2D and 3D animation; animation for film and TV, video games and VR/AR; hybrid animation techniques; narrative storytelling in animation; motion graphics for video; preproduction and postproduction for animation; animation for visual effects; and sound design for animation.

  • Cognate and Related Area Courses

    Through the animation cognate area, you can take production courses outside of the animation core to broaden your skills while enhancing your creative process. Plus, you can work with your advisor to choose three areas of study that complement your particular area of interest. 

  • Capstone Courses

    As an animation major, your degree culminates in a collaborative capstone in which you'll work with other students to produce larger-scale projects and portfolio pieces in a particular area of interest.

Choose Where You Want to Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    Studying animation at Ohio University means attending our residential campus in Athens. Full facilities and proximity to local art museums and labs for inspiration make the Athens campus a great place to learn animation.

    Athens Campus

  • Regional Campuses

    However, you can take certain courses at many of our accessible regional campuses. Our regional campuses are the perfect places to study for a semester or two before transferring to the main campus to round out your educational experience.

    Chillicothe Campus

    Eastern Campus

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

    Zanesville Campus

Careers in Animation

With an animation degree from Ohio University, you’ll be ready to jump into a variety of exciting and fulfilling jobs! Alumni who studied animation have found success in the entertainment industry and beyond. Some examples of their job titles include:

  • Animator/artist
  • AV specialist
  • User interface designer
  • Associate producer
  • Content creation specialist
  • Production manager
  • Animation production assistant
  • Virtual art department supervisor
  • Cinematic artist
  • General artist and lighting artist
  • Design specialist concept artist
  • Junior creative executive
  • Production coordinator
  • Video editor
  • Digital media producer
  • VFX artist
  • Motion graphics designer
  • Technical artist
  • Environmental/technical artist
  • Product designer
  • Creative developer
  • Content editor
  • Marketing assistant
  • Multimedia artist
  • Texture artist
  • Web designer
  • 3D artist

Post-Grad Opportunities for Animation Majors

Thanks to hands-on learning experiences, many of Ohio University’s animation graduates find themselves with robust portfolios and job offers right out of school. It’s not uncommon for students to work for large Hollywood studios, boutique graphic design houses or work on their own creative projects in the animation sector.

Want to stick with school for a while longer? You can do that with OHIO’s graduate programs. A master’s degree in media arts and studies or information graphics and interactive design could be perfect for enhancing long-term career prospects or learning more about the details of new media technologies or techniques.

Get Hands-On Experience With Your Animation Degree

Ohio University students preparing for careers are not limited to just learning in the classroom; they also have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with industry leaders through immersive industry experiences.

Students pose in Disney

Learn About Immersive Storytelling in Theme Parks

Animation majors may want to take the Storytelling in Theme Parks class. Through the course, you'll spend the semester learning about the ways theme parks create immersive experiences and then travel to Orlando with the class to see these experiences firsthand at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.

The city of Tokyo

Study Animation and Culture in Tokyo

Animation majors can fulfill course requirements while studying abroad in Tokyo. During the trip, you’ll learn about the role of animation within Japanese art and culture and create animated projects inspired by the experience.

Students pose in front of the Hollywood sign

Experience OHIO-in-LA

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to work as an animator in LA, the OHIO-in-LA experience is your perfect chance to dip your toes in! This intensive work-study experience allows you to connect with creatives in the Hollywood area and learn more about the animation industry -directly from those currently working within it.

MDIA students pose at SXSW

 Attend the South by Southwest Conference

Every year, animation majors can attend the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX, to network with peers, gain interesting industry insights and learn more about this growing industry.

Person dressed as alien in film

Tackle the 48-Hour Shoot-Out

Many Ohio University animation degree majors will want to participate in the 48-Hour Shoot-Out, during which time they will write, direct, and produce a 5-minute film. Whether you work by yourself to create an animated project or contribute animation work to another project, you’ll gain valuable experience.

Why Choose an Animation Degree?

The best reason to study animation at Ohio University is experience. Simply put, when you attend our animation degree program, you’ll develop the technical and creative skills needed to thrive in such a competitive job market by creating and refining your own projects and contributing to the projects of others.

Animation is a unique art form, and new technologies continue to expand what’s possible with this medium. Many future stories and experiences, especially in the VR/AR sector, will need talented animators to transmit ideas successfully to viewers. Studying animation is a fantastic chance to get your foot in the door while this industry is still growing!

On a personal level, an animation degree allows you to express yourself in a creative and visually exciting format. With the right tools and experience, you can make anything you imagine. If you’ve ever wanted to tell stories or help build worlds that could never exist in real life, animation gives you the tools to do just that!

Student Support Resources for Animation Majors

Animation degree majors at Ohio University will have everything they require to thrive. Faculty members are always willing to support students by offering educational advice, mentorship and guidance in the early stages of your career.

All animation students have access to technical equipment and software so they can hone their skills outside the classroom. Two general computer labs are available to all Media Arts and Studies students, and upper-level animation students have access to two additional specialized labs. Faculty regularly assess new industry trends and software needs to meet student demand.

Don’t stress about finding internships or work experiences, either. The success advisors and animation faculty members are dedicated to connecting students with opportunities to prove themselves. By the time you graduate, you’ll have both the confidence and the work experience needed to make your resume stand out to employers in this competitive industry. 

Harris Student Support Center

The OHIO Experience for Animation Majors

At OHIO, animation majors have an engaging and creatively stimulating experience from the beginning to the end of the program. The Scripps School of Media Arts and Studies is known around the world for the quality of its faculty and the creative energy of its students. It’s an exceptional place to learn the ropes of animation and master the skills you’ll use throughout your career.

Between opportunities to meet with creatives outside of Ohio and ample experiential learning requirements, students get a unique and well-rounded college experience that transforms them into talented animators, visionary creators and hardworking professionals. The path to success in animation starts with Ohio University!

  • Interested in Virtual Reality and Game Development?

    The VR and Game Development undergraduate program in the McClure School provides students with the skills to design, develop, and manage digital games, and produce immersive experiences using tools like VR, AR and spatial audio.

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