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A sound board in the mixing studio.
Degree in the Music Production and Recording Industry
Create. Produce. Promote. Build Your Pathway Into the Music Industry.

A Hands-On Degree To Unlock Careers in Music Production and the Music Industry

The music industry requires talented groups of creators and entrepreneurs to make it all happen — from a single song, album or movie soundtrack, a mastery of music production and music business is required.

Music producers and songwriters, audio engineers and artists use music technology and studios to create, record and mix memorable songs. From there, artists build business partnerships with managers, labels, music publishers, marketers, music supervisors, music distributors and booking agents to build and expand their fan base on a global scale. The music production and recording industry (MRPI) program at Ohio University prepares aspiring creators and business-focused creatives with the essential skills to navigate the ever-changing music industry.

Choose What You Want to Learn

  • Music Production: Using the Tools and Technologies

    In the Music Production track, you will learn the ins and outs of modern technology and production techniques, plus develop your own unique styles and skill sets to bring to the music industry post-graduation.

  • Music Industry: Learning the Strategies for Selling and Marketing Music

    There are hundreds of jobs in the music industry that surround artists and the creation and production of music. That's why our music production and recording industry programs includes the recording industry track — an intensive music industry-focused curriculum with multiple experiential learning and engagement opportunities.

  • Your Own Label: Brick City Records

    Both the music production and recording industry tracks come together in your senior year, when MRPI students run their own record label together. Brick City Records is the year-long capstone experience where you will sign artists, produce releases, launch release shows at local venues, and oversee the marketing and release strategies for your music.

Where You'll Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    Ohio University’s complete bachelor’s in music production and recording industry program is available at our residential campus in Athens, Ohio. It’s an engaging place to learn and socialize, especially thanks to the extensive audio equipment we have on campus for you to utilize.

    Athens Campus


A Premier Experience for Music Production Majors

As a student pursuing a music production degree at OHIO, you'll study at the home of one of the biggest music industry conferences in the U.S.: The Annual Music Industry Summit. Named one of the 7 U.S. Music Industry Conferences, the Music Industry Summit brings major artists and industry leaders to you for two days of programming each spring. 

Past artists include: Phoebe Bridgers, FINNEAS, Earl Sweatshirt, Jason Isbell, Saba, Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast, mxmtoon, St. Vincent, Caamp, and Talib Kweli. The Summit also welcomes over 50 leaders form across the music industry for you to network with and learn from.

The Music Industry Summit is an exciting, experience-based program that connects you directly to the music industry through hands-on learning, resume-ready experiences and unparalled networking opportunities.

Music Industry Summit

MXMTOON speaks at the 2024 Music Industry Summit.

Careers in Music Production and Recording

Thanks to the relevant skills and industry knowledge you’ll gain in the music production and recording industry program, you’ll be able to find jobs in the music recording industry for a variety of different roles, like:

  • Music artist
  • Artist manager
  • Booking agent
  • Music supervisor
  • Sound designer
  • Concert promoter
  • Marketing director
  • Studio engineer
  • Music producer
  • Tour manager
  • Music publicist

Post-Grad Opportunities for Music Production and Recording Industry Majors

OHIO music production and recording majors almost universally find success in the job market shortly after graduating. With over four decades of alumni in the in the music industry, we have a highly engaged alumni network in entertainment centers such as LA, NYC, Nashville, Austin, Chicago and Atlanta.

Alumni have become highly successful artists in their own right, earning Grammy nominations and scoring gold records. OHIO MRPI alums have gone on to work for innumerable music companies, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, BMI, CMA, ASCAP and much more — and many of our graduates have worked with several major and emerging artists including Lil Nas X, The Jonas Brothers, Metallica, Killer Mike, Tones and I, Avenged Sevenfold, Young The Giant and much more.

If you want to take an even deeper dive into the media arts industry, our master’s degree in media arts and studies could be right for you. This graduate program is the perfect choice for future researchers or as a stepping stone to a degree in doctoral studies in a related field.

Get Hands-On Experience With Your Music Production Degree

To truly understand — and overcome — the challenges of music production and the recording industry, you have to face them personally. That’s why Ohio University includes many experiential learning opportunities and industry experiences for our MPRI majors.

MDIA students pose at SXSW

Attend SXSW

MPRI majors can attend the South by Southwest annual event in Austin, TX. At this interactive collection of conferences and music festivals, you’ll get to network with sound production professionals and view talks from key speakers to expand your understanding of the industry.

Students record sessions at the annual Nelsonville Music Festival

Check Out the Nelsonville Music Festival

Students attending the Nelsonville Music Festival have a great time and earn valuable production experience by working with event organizers and producers!

Students observe music producer Joel Hamilton in his Brooklyn studio

Attend Production Masterclasses

Attend hands-on production masterclasses in different cities with major producers in their studios. Past masterclasses have included 7-time Grammy-winner Michael Brauer, Spoon drummer/producer Jim Eno, legendary engineer Steve Albini, and Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Joel Hamilton.

Two people speak on stage at the Music Industry Summit.

Music Industry Summit

Experience the Music Industry Summit, OHIO's own music industry festival features major artists and business leaders.

Students pose in front of the Hollywood sign

Experience OHIO-in-LA

Learn what it’s like to work and live in Los Angeles with the “OHIO-in-LA” experience! Music production and recording industry majors work alongside creatives based in Hollywood and gain valuable work experience at the same time.

Brick City Records Capstone

To complete the bachelor’s degree in music production and recording industry, you’ll operate your own record label Brick City Records, OHIO’s student-run record label. You'll spend a year in this intensive and valuable capstone, signing and producing artists, developing marketing strategies, booking shows and overseeing the releases of four artists.

Students participate in a workshop at the Music Industry Summit.

Jump Into Music Production Internship Opportunities

Get a head start on your resume by completing music production and recording industry internships for major companies like Netflix, Sony Music, and more. Your professors and success advisor will help you find the right internships for work experience needs and your professional development.

Practice and Access Resources at OHIO’s Audio Facilities

Ohio University has all the equipment you need to practice your skills and record music of your very own at our state-of-the-art audio facilities! Students can check out RTVC 329, our sound recording studio, or RTVC 315, our mixing and mastering studio, for a few examples.

Why Choose a Music Production and Recording Degree?

For many of us, music is an essential part of life. If you want to learn the industry of producing and promoting music and how it makes its way from the studio to fans, this degree is right for you.

The bachelor’s program for music production and recording industry allows you to explore all the fundamental aspects of the modern music industry and develop essential skills and connections for your career. Not only will you discover how music is produced in the studio, but you'll also learn the business side of things: how the music industry works. This degree empowers your future career, leading to a plethora of opportunities and jobs in the music industry. You can also develop in other areas such as live event production, concert booking and promotion, artist development and music licensing.

It’s a versatile degree overall, designed for artists and non-artists alike, with an aim to prepare future professionals for the music industry. And, thanks to OHIO’s commitment to experiential learning, you’ll graduate with confidence and applicable skills, perfect for building your pathway into the music industry.

Student Support Resources for Music Production Majors

The OHIO School of Media Arts and Studies helps all its students, including music production majors, with scholarships, mentorship opportunities, and success advisors. Every student is assigned a success advisor whose sole job is to make sure you meet your educational goals on time and graduate in four years.

But your major’s professors will also help you strive for your goals — and succeed! — throughout the program. Our MPRI faculty have decades of collective industry experience, so they’re the best experts to talk to when you need project inspiration, internship connections or anything else.

You’ll also find organizations, like professional groups and clubs at Ohio University. Whether you’re looking for scholastic or social support, there’s plenty to be found as a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the music production and recording industry. 

Harris Student Support Center

The OHIO Experience for Music Production Majors

MPRI majors quickly find that the OHIO experience is all about getting into the thick of things. With our music production and recording industry program, you’ll start learning the ins and outs of music production, recording, marketing and so much more beginning in your freshman year instead of later in your education.

The above-mentioned support resources, combined with access to recording studios and other technology, enable you to immediately apply what you’ve learned in the classroom. For students who are tired of sitting still or only learning what’s in the textbook, studying at Ohio University will be a breath of fresh air and an energizing experience for the mind.

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