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Residence Halls FAQ

What amenities does my residence hall room have?

Each room has a bed, 80” long mattress (extra-long twin sheets), closet, wardrobe, dresser, and a desk with desk chair for each student. Some students bring additional storage units to supplement what is provided.

Each room has a refrigerator/microwave combination unit, no additional refrigerator or microwave is permitted.

Can I mount my television?

No, students are not permitted to mount TVs, shelves, or any other object that can damage the walls. Students will be charged for wall damage resulting from mounting heavy objects to the wall.

Can I store the "extra" room furniture that I don't want?

All provided furniture must remain in the room - no exceptions.

What about bed lofts?

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) has contracted with who will take orders and deliver lofts to student rooms prior to move in. Renting a bed loft is an easy and an affordable way to create additional living space in your room. Students may pre-order a loft at Bedloft. Place your order by the advertised date on site to guarantee bed loft delivery and assembly to your room before the traditional move-in day. Any students who may arrive early will not have their loft delivered and set up prior to their arrival. Lofts may also be rented on move-in day, but quantities will be limited.

Please go here for more information about lofts. Finding out ahead of time whether your assigned room will accommodate a loft will save you time and money (see below). Most triples either already have a loft or do not accommodate additional lofts. For safety reasons, no personally constructed lofts will be permitted. If you choose to use a loft, please note that University-issued furnishings cannot be removed from the room and beds are not permitted to be disassembled. Rented lofts must be disassembled at the conclusion of the academic year for to pick them up. If you change rooms during the year, you are responsible for moving and resetting up the loft, as well as notifying of your room change. Ohio University strongly encourages the use of a bedrail with all lofts.

Are futons allowed?

Yes, students may elect to purchase a futon for their room. However, all of the provided furniture must remain in the room.

Additionally, Ohio University partners with as our preferred futon vendor. Bedloft's full-sized futon may be used as a love seat, lounger, or bed. Students may pre-order a futon at Bedloft and have the futon delivered to their room and assembled before the traditional move-in dates. also rents bed lofts to students, and these futons are guaranteed to fit under the bed loft.

How can I find out the measurements of my room?

All available room dimensions are listed on provided on our hall index webpage.

Will I need curtains?

Most rooms have pull shades at each window. The Convocation Center rooms have mini-blinds instead of the pull shades. If you would like more than a shade or mini blinds, you/your roommate(s) may bring curtains along with a tension (spring) rod for hanging. More more specific information about window sizes, check out our room dimensions.

Will the beds be bunked?

Our standard set up is for the beds to come bunked within most room types. Within triples, one set of beds will come bunked. If your beds are bunked and you wish to have them unbunked during the year, Residential Custodial Services (RCS) will do this for you. Submit a work order for this request. Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, it may take a few days to complete your request depending on the volume of requests. Ohio University strongly encourages the use of a bedrail with all bunked beds.

Can I paint or decorate my room?

Room painting is not permitted, however students are welcome to decorate their rooms. Keep in mind that only 25% of the wall space may be covered by posters for fire-safety reasons. We recommend removable adhesives (such as command strips) for hanging room decorations in most halls. In Carr, Sowle, Tanaka, & Luchs Halls command strips are not permitted, the staff office will provide residents with small nails. NO duct tape, masking tape, or wall damaging adhesives are permitted in any hall. You will be held financially responsible for any damage to your assigned room.

Will my room be air conditioned?

Yes, all of our residence hall rooms have air conditioning.

Can I bring a UL Air Purifier?

Yes. Students are welcome to bring a UL Approved Air Purifier (non-ozone).

Will Ohio University replace my personal property if it is lost or stolen?

Ohio University does not carry insurance on student’s personal items. It is advised that students carry renter's insurance to cover theft or damage to personal items. Consult with your homeowner’s insurance carrier or search the internet for companies who specialize in this type of coverage.

What happens if I lose my key or lock myself out of my room?

You are responsible for your keys. Be careful and never lend your keys to anyone. Your safety is a priority, so make it a habit to lock your room when you're not in it and be sure to take your keys with you. If you do lock yourself out, contact the Help Desk on the first floor of the Living Learning Center on South Green at 740.566.9001 for assistance. Standard business hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday. If you are locked out of your room outside these times please contact you hall duty phone for assistance. Lock out instructions and numbers will be posted in the hall for reference.

Propping open exterior doors, lending your keys to someone else, or letting a stranger into the building are all risks to your safety and the security of all the residents of the building. Residents who engage in such behavior may be subject to disciplinary action.

Lost keys will have to be replaced, and a lock change will be necessary. Your student account will be charged for any keys you lose and any associated lock change fees.

How do I report a pest problem?

For any issues related to pest control (ants, bugs, etc.) call Environmental Health and Safety at 740.593.1666 and leave a message or place an online work request.

How do I report a room maintenance problem?

You can enter all work order requests here, online work request. Any emergency work orders should be called in to Facilities Management at 740.593.2911.

Can I stay on campus during break periods?

Halls are open for Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break at no additional cost. Winter and interim periods before a semester are at an additional cost with a supplementary application required. Students who need to stay in Athens during break periods should visit their Housing Self-Service page to apply.

When will I find out about my roommate?

You can view all roommate(s) information on your Housing Self-Service page once you select/receive your housing assignment.

Due to the availability of a fluid room change process, Housing and Residence Life cannot notify students of new roommate information when assigned. It is the responsibility of students to check their Housing Self-Service page for the most up-to-date roommate information.

How do I ensure that my roommate and I don't bring duplicate items?

Once you learn who your roommate will be, you should make contact with them. Students have access to all other students OHIO email address(es). Most roommates want to introduce themselves as well as clarify who will bring the TV and other items. Due to space being limited, it's a good idea to discuss what each roommate plans to bring, so you don't end up with two carpets or two coffee makers.

What if I am unhappy with my room assignment?

We understand that everyone may not always satisfied with their room assignment, but we have staff in place to help address any concerns you may have. Our staff is trained to help provide resources and tools to work through conflict and also ways to help mediate any roommate disagreements. If there any further support is needed, staff will work with students on possible options.

How can I make a room change?

Ohio University offers wonderful opportunities to experience diversity in cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds. Because of this, we expect students to welcome, respect, and be sensitive to differences including getting to know their roommate before exploring a possible room change. 

Our Room Change Process Request form will open the Thursday before fall move-in weekend.  Staff will start monitoring all requests during the first week of classes.  Students are able to submit a room change request up until the first week of November for the fall semester. Spring semester room change requests will open the first week of classes and be temporarily paused for Spring Break.

Are there additional charges if I change rooms?

Room rates are dependent upon the type of room the student occupies. If a student moves to a more expensive/less expensive room, the appropriate charges/credits will be applied to the student account.

Do I need to move everything out of my room during the break periods?

No, students may leave all of their personal items in their room during Thanksgiving break, Winter Break (if returning spring semester), and Spring Break. You may want to consider taking home anything that is sentimental or valuable. There may be staff, contractors, or students who registered for temporary housing residing in your residence hall during break periods. Students must empty their refrigerators and freezers. Further information is available at the floor meetings, bulletin boards, emails, and checklists placed on your door prior to break periods.

How do I check out of my room if I am leaving?

Whether you are checking out of your room (not returning) during or at the end of the semester, you checkout with an in-hall staff member. This ensures that they will be available to properly check you out of your room. You must turn in your key as part of the formal check-out. Room charges will continue until proper check out is completed, so be sure to follow these steps!