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Residence Hall Addresses

Addressing Student Mail

Student Name
Room & Hall
Street Address
Athens, OH 45701

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East : West : South

East Green Mailing Addresses

Building Street Address

Biddle Hall

51 East Green Dr.

Bryan Hall

22 University Terrace

Bush Hall

50 East Green Dr.

Four University Terrace

4 University Terrace

Gamertsfelder Hall

58 East Green Dr.

Jefferson Hall

46 East Green Dr.

Johnson Hall

44 East Green Dr.

Lincoln Hall

45 East Green Dr.

Perkins Hall

57 East Green Dr.

Read Hall

48 East Green Dr.

Scott Quad

88 University Terrace

Shively Hall

59 East Green Dr.

Tiffin Hall

60 East Green Dr.

Washington Hall

49 East Green Dr.

Voigt Hall

34 S. College Dr.

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West Green Mailing Addresses

Building Street Address

Boyd Hall

100 West Green Dr.

Bromley Hall

35 S. Congress St.

Convocation Center

95 Richland Ave.

James Hall

97 West Green Dr.

Ryors Hall

101 West Green Dr.

Sargent Hall

98 West Green Dr.

Treudley Hall

99 West Green Dr.

Wilson Hall

104 West Green Dr.

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South Green Mailing Addresses

The Front Four

Building Street Address

Pickering Hall

68 South Green Dr.

Brown Hall

69 South Green Dr.

Mackinnon Hall

70 South Green Dr.

Crawford Hall

71 South Green Dr.

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The Side Five

Building Street Address

Adams Hall

63 South Green Dr.

Carr Hall

97 South Green Dr.


115 South Green Dr.


105 South Green Dr.


121 South Green Dr.

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The Back South

Building Street Address

Dougan House

133 South Green Dr.

Ewing House

135 South Green Dr.

Hoover House

136 South Green Dr.

True House

132 South Green Dr.

Wray House

134 South Green Dr.

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