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Residential Laundry

There are several laundry facilities conveniently located throughout campus for residential students. These facilities include laundry centers, laundry rooms and coin laundry rooms.

Laundry Cost

Laundry machines only accept Bobcat Cash and/or quarters.

$2 for Washer

$1 for Dryer

Important Reminders

  • Do not leave your laundry unattended.
  • Arrive early enough to complete your laundry before the laundry center closes.
  • All of our machines are High Efficiency (HE) units, and require care in using the appropriate type and amount of soap.
  • The machines are designed to shutdown and remain locked (trapping your laundry inside) if too much soap is detected. The machine will not unlock until the soap has deteriorated.

Speed Queen Laundry Tracking App

A new feature of the laundry facilities on campus is integration with the Speed Queen app monitoring system, which allows students to check the status of the washers and dryers. Click the following link for more information on the Speed Queen Laundry Tracking App.

Instructions and Information

For laundry tips and instructions please visit

Laundry Centers

Laundry centers are large facilities designed to accommodate a large number of students at one time and have between 40 and l00 machines. A major benefit of laundry centers is the ability to use Bobcat Cash instead of coin. Click the link for more information on Bobcat Cash.


Laundry centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


East Green - Gamertsfelder - located at ground level on the back side of the building
West Green - Treudley - located at ground level from the back side of the building
South Green - Dougan - located at ground level

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are small in-hall facilities and are only designed to service a small number of students at one time. These facilities are only available to students that are residents of the hall in which they are located. Like all laundry rooms on campus, you can use coins or your Bobcat card to start the washers and dryers. Click the link for more information on Bobcat Cash.


In hall laundry rooms are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


East Green - Biddle, Bryan, Jefferson, Lincoln, Shively, and Voigt
West Green - Bromley, James, and Convocation Center
South Green - Adams, Brown, Carr, Crawford, Ewing, Hoover, Luchs, Mackinnon, Pickering, Sowle, Tanaka, True, and Wray


Bobcat Cash is money put on deposit with the University (similar to a prepaid debit card) that can be used at the dining halls, convenience stores, vending machines, laundry centers all laundry room locations, and various on campus food-service, retail, and public printing operations. Add money to this account and then use the Ohio University-issued ID card to access this service. Additional deposits can be added as needed throughout the academic year. Bobcat Cash cannot be used off-campus. The only campus bookstore that currently accepts Bobcat Cash is the Zanesville Campus Bookstore.

Bobcat Cash account balances automatically carry over to each new semester and academic year, provided the cardholder remains a registered student or employee of Ohio University.

Please see the Terms & Conditions page for more information on the structure of the Bobcat Cash program.