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Residential Life Staff

Housing & Residence Life Staff

The Department of Housing and Residence Life has over 300 staff members committed to making your living environment a community focused on learning, development, and acceptance.

Below you will find descriptions of our staff and how it relates to you.

Administrative Staff

Executive Director

The Executive Director represents Housing and Residence Life to the campus community and is responsible for all aspects of the Department.

Director for Residence Life

The Director for Residence Life coordinates the in-hall staff, programming and educational efforts, academic collaboration, crisis and behavioral management, and serves as a liaison to many offices on campus.

Director for Business Operations & Conference Services

The Director for Business Operations coordinates the business functions of the department, including supervising the contract process and the physical facilities.

Director for Capital & Facilities Management

The Director for Capital & Facilities Management coordinates the facilities functions of the department, including supervising the construction and renovations of the physical facilities.

Assistant Directors & Associate Directors

The department has seven assistant directors and two associate directors responsible for a variety of areas within the department. These include an an Associate Director for Assessment, an Associate Director for Marketing and Business Operations, an Assistant Director for Assignments & Student Services, an Assistant Director for Summer initiatives and student engagement, an Assistant Director for Conference Services, and four Assistant Directors on the residential greens.

Clerical and Support Staff

The department also has a support staff of administrative and clerical professionals, as well as student staff, that assist in the daily operations of the department.

In-Hall Staff

Resident Director (RD)

The Resident Director is the full-time on-site professional responsible for a hall or complex. The RD's supervise the in-hall paraprofessional staff and work with all residents to establish a positive living environment and a sense of community. An RD acts in an advisory capacity on personal and academic issues, and helps to interpret and uphold university policies.

Graduate Resident Director (GRD)

A Graduate Resident Director has the same responsibilities as the Residential Director (although for a smaller area), and is a full-time graduate student.

Senior Resident Advisor (SRA)

The Senior Resident Advisor, like an RA, is a student who resides in hall. The SRA has the responsibility of assisting the complex RD or GRD in advising the complex council, coordinating complex programming efforts, and assists with room changes.

Resident Advisor (RA)

The Resident Advisor is a student who has completed a training course designed to prepare them for working with students in the residence halls. Resident Assistants live on and manages a floor section. It is this in-hall staff member that a student will interact with most during the academic year. The RA is a great source of information and should be the first individual that is contacted when a student has a question or concern.

Housing and Residence Life Ambassadors (HA, SSA)

Housing Ambassadors and Student Service Ambassadors play a critical role as supporters of both future and current OHIO students. The student employees work in a variety of areas, including showing their rooms during on campus event, working the guest desk at the Living Learning Center and Jefferson hall, as well as coordinating multiple on campus events for students.

For more information on the individuals in the above positions, please visit our Administrative Staff and In-Hall staff directories.