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Reporting Concerns About a Student

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Student Review and Consultation Committee

Ohio University seeks to provide a safe and secure environment within which students can successfully pursue their academic and personal goals. Occasionally, students exhibit behavior or communicate in a fashion that raises concern - for the student's welfare or for the welfare of others in the community. In order to best respond to such occurrences, the Office of the Dean of Students maintains and coordinates the activities of the Student Review and Consultation Committee (SRCC).


The purpose of the Student Review and Consultation Committee is to ensure a timely and coordinated university response to students whose behavior is disruptive to others around the student by way of raising alarm, fear or other concern, or reflects a credible potential for harm to self or others.

The SRCC supplements but does not replace existing University processes:

  • Allegations of criminal activity are forwarded to the Ohio University Police Department or other law enforcement agency (in cases of behavior alleged to have occurred off-campus).
  • Allegations of harassment are addressed in the manner described in Ohio University Policy and Procedure 03.004 and complaints are forwarded to the Office of Institutional Equity.
  • Grievances and appeals of various sorts are handled according to the policies described in the Student Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, the Undergraduate Catalog and/or the Graduate Catalog.
  • Students, faculty or staff with interpersonal conflicts or other disputes can seek assistance, guidance and support through the Office of the Ombuds.


The operation of SRCC is undertaken with these principles in mind:

  • The individual privacy rights of students are protected by law and University policy and will be maintained throughout.
  • Students with mental health issues or illnesses are able to be successful at Ohio University and every attempt will be made to support this outcome. However, in some cases students may be unable to successfully pursue studies because of their condition.
  • Recognizing that the behavior of individuals can have a profound impact on the community, a balance must be maintained between a desire to support individual students and the safety and well being of the community.


The key components of the SRCC review process are these:

Any individual may submit to the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) an expression of concern regarding individual students. You may review the form here.

Forms submitted, along with any information obtained related to an expression of concern, are considered educational records of the individual students, are maintained at DOS, and will not be disclosed outside the requirements of federal privacy law (FERPA).

The Dean of Students or their designee meets with students who are referred through an expression of concern to learn of the student's perspective, gather facts and information, and to be prepared to share information about the student's circumstance with the SRCC.

Cases arising from expressions of concern are reviewed by the SRCC in a routine meeting or at a special meeting convened at the request of the Dean of Students.

The SRCC is appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and include University professionals from mental health (at least two), law enforcement, community standards, residence life, and academic affairs. It is chaired by the Dean of Students or his/her designee.

The SRCC may call upon others as needed to inform its deliberations. These might include faculty, staff, outside experts, family, friends and/or fellow students.

Upon completion of the review, SRCC recommends to the Dean of Students a course of action that, upon approval, is acted on by the Dean of Students.

At his/her discretion, the Director of Community Standards and Student Responsibility (CSSR) may divert cases (or simultaneously review cases) of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct to the SRCC for its counsel and recommendation. In such cases, the SRCC will report its recommendations to DOS which will report to CSSR. Information provided to the Dean of Students Office that alleges a violation of the Student Code of Conduct will be referred to The Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility.


The Student Review and Consultation Committee and its related processes are overseen by the Dean of Students. The make up of the Committee and the processes employed are subject to change; such changes are made in consultation with Committee members, student government, and other concerned administrative and academic leaders.