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Community Ambassadors (CA) are undergraduate student peer leaders who plan and implement outreach activities, act as project leaders for community service events, and provide a voice for commuters. 

Housing Ambassadors (HA) and Student Service Ambassadors (SSA) play a critical role as supporters of both future and current OHIO students. The student employees work in a variety of areas, including showing their rooms during on campus event, working the guest desk at the Living Learning Center and Jefferson hall, as well as coordinating multiple on campus events for students.

The Office Assistant (OA) position assists residents with key issues in the residence halls. Issues may consist of being locked out of your room, lost key, or bent keys. The position also supports the main Housing and Residence Life office with projects as assigned. Outside of the residence hall office hours, if you are having issues gaining access to your room, the Welcome Desk at the Living Learning Center (LLC) is the place to go for assistance. 

A Resident Advisor (RA) is a student staff member who is responsible for a floor or living area within a residence hall. As the front-line staff member in the assigned area, the RA is responsible for serving as a mentor and guide to their residents while also facilitating a cooperative and inclusive community. This is a people-oriented position in which the RA is expected to initiate relationships with residents, encourage participation in the hall community, and inform residents of university and departmental policies. In addition, the RA assists with the personal and academic concerns of students, mediates interpersonal conflicts, and serves as an informational resource for residents.

The Senior Resident Advisor (SRA), like an RA, is a student who resides in hall. The SRA has the responsibility of assisting the complex RD or GRD in advising the complex council, coordinating complex programming efforts, and assists with room changes.

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Hall Council

Hall Council acts as a way for students to become active in their residential community. Hall council gives a voice to the student will and student needs within a particular building or complex. It allows you to make the community around you a better place to live and learn.

Roles of a Council

As the department has examined and clarified the roles of the hall councils, three primary roles have been identified. These roles flow directly from the departmental goals, and are discussed briefly below.

The Council as Advisory Board

Directly related to the goal of community and the theme of involvement is the council's role as advisory boards. In fulfilling this role, council members assume responsibility for the quality of life in the residence hall community and become actively involved in enhancing the quality of life for themselves as well as others. This role entails assessing and accurately representing the needs and concerns and working with the hall staff to develop alternative solutions.

The Council's Service Role

Also related to the goal of Community is the council's service role. Involvement in community service teaches students responsibility to the larger community of which they are a part, and is therefore emphasized by Housing and Residence Life.

While individual projects with community service organizations are certainly appropriate to this role, Hall Councils are strongly encouraged to select one organization and develop an ongoing relationship. Councils are urged to utilize the Center for Community Service within the Campus Involvement Center, located in 357 Baker University Center (593-4007).

The Council as Programming Body

Tied closely to the goal of student development is the council's role as programming bodies. Though traditionally viewed by themselves and others as planners of purely social programs, the hall councils have a responsibility to program in each of the areas of the holistic model. Fulfilling this responsibility entails programming in the physical, intellectual, emotional, career, values, cross-cultural and social areas.


NRHH is the National Residence Hall Honorary, and is dedicated to recognizing students living in the residence halls for their outstanding commitment to the community.

Membership in NRHH is comprised of the top one percent of the student population in the residence halls who excel academically as well as are involved extensively in their living environment.

Activities coordinated by NRHH are Of-The-Month Awards, OU Spirit Paws, and the Spring Leadership Banquet.

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The Residence Hall Association, or RHA, was previously known as the Residents’ Action Council (tRAC) and was founded in 1994. RHA is a registered student organization with the Campus Involvement Center and works closely with the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

All students living in the residence halls of Ohio University are invited and welcome to join RHA. Every residential building or complex, totaling 22, designates a representative that serves as the liaison between RHA and the individual hall / complex council. These representatives are among the students that attend weekly general body meetings.

RHA strives to unite the students in the residence halls by giving them an active voice and improving relations with the Ohio University administration. RHA provides and supports social, cultural, recreational, and educational programming for on-campus students.

Mission Statement

RHA at Ohio University recognizes the desire for advancement of the residential community; therefore, RHA strives to motivate and involve students through advocacy and programming by providing support and an open forum of ideas within the community of residence halls.

Vision Statement

RHA will designate funding for hall councils and their programming as well as for larger events sponsored by the organization, with potential for co-sponsorship with other organizations. RHA will assess and evaluate the wants and needs of on-campus students to be an informed advocate. Additional emphasis will be placed on improvement of physical facilities through a Capital Improvement Fund. RHA will provide active training and leadership development opportunities for hall council leaders in addition to facilitating participation in NACURH to implement new ideas on campus and providing community through ongoing projects.

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More information is available at OHIO RHA.