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Mutual Room Swap Form

Mutual Room Swaps are a one for one swap between two students who have an assigned room. If approved, both students that complete this application will have their room assignments swapped with one another. This process is available to assist students until August 5 at 12:00PM. If you are intending on completing multiple swaps, please only initiate one at a time. Any swap forms for multiple swaps will not be processed.

  • Mutual room swaps can only be processed if both students complete the form. Each student must still reside in the assigned room marked on the form at the time both forms are received. A swap will not be made if:
    • A student is no longer within that assigned space,
    • If any information on the form is incorrect, or
    • If the student is not eligible for that space (i.e. honors, application required space, upperclass halls, etc.).
    • If a student is currently assigned to "Room Change Hall" on their housing self-service
  • Please note: This form is not to be completed by two students who wish to room together. 
  • The form can only be completed by the students mutually participating in the mutual room swap. Students who complete the form for another student may be subjected to the conduct process. These requests will be denied.
  • Any interactions or communications deemed inappropriate may be grounds for a student conduct violation. This includes consistent communication via OHIO email and any other social media sites.

The Mutual Room Swap Form is now closed