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Housing Application

The “Housing Application” is defined collectively as follows: Resident’s execution of the Housing and Culinary Services Contract (“Contract”), full payment of the housing deposit/prepayment (“housing deposit”), and Resident’s execution of this Housing Application.

The Housing Application is between you (“you” or “Resident”) and Ohio University, for the benefit of the Department of Housing and Residence Life (“Ohio University”).

A Resident has “occupancy” of a residence hall room if you received your key/key card and have access to your room for at least one night.

Housing Application Terms and Conditions:

  1. The housing deposit is $200 payable as follows: (1) online with a credit card or an eCheck by going to  www.ohio.edu/myhousing and clicking on the “Contracts & Applications” tab; or (2) a personal check mailed to: Office of the Bursar, P.O. Box 960, Chubb Hall 010, Athens, OH 45701-0960.
  2. The housing deposit will be credited to your housing charge on your student financial account.
  3. You may withdraw your Housing Application prior to the start of fall or spring semester if: (1) you are eligible to reside off campus; (2) you officially withdraw from Ohio University as a student; (3) you graduate from Ohio University; or (4) you will be away from campus to participate in an approved academic curricular program (i.e. Internship, abroad experience, co-op, etc.) and never lived in a residence hall during the semester.
    • You are eligible to live off campus if you can demonstrate two full academic years (comprised of fall and spring semesters) after high school graduation.
    • If you are registered for classes and required to live on campus, to submit a Housing Exemption/Termination Request Form for review and consideration you must use the form at www.ohio.edu/housing/forms.
    • If you are not registered for classes prior to the term, you can cancel your application by sending an email to housing@ohio.edu.
  4. If the request to withdraw the Housing Application for a student starting fall semester is made on or before the May 1 preceding the semester, and approved by Housing and Residence Life, you will receive a refund of the $200 housing deposit. If you are a new student starting spring semester and submit a request to withdraw the Housing Application on or before the December 1 preceding the semester that is approved by Housing and Residence Life, you will receive a refund of the $200 housing deposit. If you have an outstanding balance on your student account, the refund will first be applied to any outstanding balances with Ohio University.

  5. If the request to withdraw the Housing Application is made after May 1 or December 1, as applicable, the $200 housing deposit will not be refunded.

  6. If the request to withdraw the Housing Application is after May 1 (for students beginning fall term) or December 1 (for students beginning spring term) but before occupying of a room and approved by Housing and Residence Life, you will not be charged for room and board.

  7. Once you have occupancy of your room the Contract is legally binding for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters or summer only as applicable) and its terms and conditions including but not limited to payment, termination, and refunds are applicable. An initial electronic billing notice is sent to the Resident's OHIO e-mail account in mid-August.

  8. You are required to pay for the type of accommodation in which you are residing.

  9. Ohio University cannot guarantee that capacity preferences will be met during the assignment process.

Please contact Housing and Residence Life if you need additional assistance at:

Phone: 740-593-4090

Fax: 740-593-4089

Email: housing@ohio.edu