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Transfer Students

Am I a transfer student?

Students that have completed more than nine semester hours at another institution of higher education (not an Ohio University regional campus) after graduating from high school are considered “transfer students”. Transfer students must contact the Office of Admissions for consideration to enroll on OHIO’s campus. Once admitted, a transfer student should then complete a ‘Transfer Student Contract’ at Housing Self-Service.

Am I required to reside on campus?

Transfer students under the age of 23 who cannot demonstrate two full years in attendance at an institution of higher education after high school graduation must reside in Ohio University-owned housing and participate in the associated mandatory meal plan. Two full years in attendance must be demonstrated prior to the semester in which a student enrolls to be eligible to reside off campus.

Students can also request an exemption to the residency requirement if certain conditions are met, including: married, parent with child, veteran with 18 months of active duty, or an approved academic absence (medical withdraw, study abroad, approved internship). Please refer to the Housing Requirement  section of this website for more information about housing requirements and the housing exemption review process. Students must be approved to live off campus by the exemption committee prior to signing an off campus lease.

Students demonstrating two full years of attendance in an accredited higher education institution after high school graduation can choose to either live in the residence halls or off campus.

If you have more questions or concerns about housing options, please contact Housing and Residence Life by calling 740.593.4090 or emailing  housing@ohio.edu.

Where Do You Start?

Review the information posted here and check your Ohio University email

The most important thing you can do is to review the information from Housing and Residence Life.

This page contains information designed to outline the process and answer many of the questions you might have. We also recommend that you regularly review the information that is sent to your Ohio University email account. Messages from Housing and Residence Life will come from housing@ohio.edu.

You can also receive updates to keep you on track by following Housing and Residence Life's Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

Contract & Deposit Payment

Step 1: 

Click here to access the online housing and dining contract.

Step 2:

Log in using your OHIO ID and password and select the 'Application' tab.  Select “Transfer Student Contract 2211 (Fall Semester 2020-21)” from the drop down list. 

Step 3: 

Read and agree to the contract terms and conditions. By accepting the terms and conditions you are agreeing to a contract that is binding for fall and spring semester. After accepting the terms and conditions, you will be advised that a $200 housing deposit/prepayment is required and will be given the option to pay through CashNet. If you are not prepared to pay at this time, you can complete the housing application at a later time and your information will be saved. To pay the deposit at a later time, you must log back into your housing application and navigate to the end until you reach the payment page. 

Step 4:  

Answer the contract questions and select a meal plan. 

Step 5: 

If you did not pay when completing your application, finalize your contract by submitting a $200 housing deposit/prepayment. Payments must be received by February 25, 2019 at 4:00 PM to select a room with matched roommates within the Returning Student Room Selection process. To be eligible to select a room with a matched first year roommate, payments must be received by May 1, 2019 by 4:00 PM to select a room within the First Year Room Selection process.  

Payments can be made online at the end of the contract completion process or by sending a check to the following address:  

Housing and Residence Life 
Living Learning Center 215 
111 South Green Drive 
Athens, OH 45701 

Please note: An online payment is recommended.

Tips to Prepare

  • Review and understand the contract terms and conditions of the housing contract.
  • Make sure that you know your OHIO ID and password.
  • Make sure that you have everything you need to make your $200 housing deposit (credit card information, bank routing number or a check for $200 received before the deadline).

Make Changes to the Contract

If you wish to make additions, deletions, or changes to your contract, you can do so online. To make changes to your personal preferences or to change your meal plan visit Housing Self-Service.  

Deposit Refund and Contract Cancellation Process

Students who decide not to attend Ohio University may request a refund of their $200 housing deposit up until May 1. All contract cancellations and deposit refunds must be requested in writing, via your OHIO email account, by fax, or letter. The request must include your name and PID number and the request must be received by the May 1 deadline.

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Room Selection Information

OPTION 1: Transfer students have the option of participating in the Returning Student Room Selection process March 23-27, 2020 if they have completed their contract and submitted the housing deposit by February 25, 2020. In this process transfer students may select as an individual or match with up to three other second year/transfer students as long as all students completed their contract and deposit by the February 25 deadline. For detailed steps within this process visit the Returning Student Room Selection page.

OPTION 2: Transfer students have the option of participating in the First Year Room Selection process May 18-22, 2020 if they have completed their contract and submitted the housing deposit by May 1, 2019. In this process transfer students may only participate if they are matched with a first year student and as long as the student has completed their contract and deposit by May 1 deadline. For detailed steps within this process visit here.

OPTION 3: Transfer students who complete their contract/deposit after May 1, or who do not participate in either process, will be placed in available spaces within second year halls. Any roommate requests or assignment requests can be made by sending an email to housing@ohio.edu prior to being assigned. After an assignment is made, all room changes will be made through the Room Change Process (runs until August 1).

OPTION 4: Sign up for the Transfer Living Community through the Learning Community Office. Students in this class will be assigned to spaces on the transfer Living Community in Bromley and Adams Halls.

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Hall Configuration Summary

The configuration summary shows quick facts about each hall, including the capacity, any special communities that are housed there, if it has a laundry room, and other interesting facts: Hall Configuration Summary [PDF]

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