MyOHIO Success Network (MOSN) is an online hub of connections that provides access to the network of people and services available to assist you in your academic career. This includes: 

  • Faculty- Your instructors provide feedback on your current course performance, including congratulatory “kudos” and warning “flags”.   

  • Advisors- Advisors will reach out to assist you with reported academic struggles and use the information to inform scheduling and completion plans. 

  • Services- Links are provided for a variety of university services dedicated to helping you be successful. From financial aid to counseling, help is available! 

Once you log in, using your Ohio University ID (email address) and password, you can access the following information: 

How can we help? 

Your Connections: a list of everyone in your current network of support, including faculty, advisors, Residence Life, etc. Using the drop-down links next to each name, you can easily schedule an appointment, email, call, or view their profile. 

Your Services: a comprehensive list of assistance services available across all campuses. Each listing includes phone and website links.  

Other Options 

Using the “hamburger” menu (3 stacked lines in the upper left corner), you can access other important information, including: 

Profile/Intake (the drop-down next to your name): allows you to set up contact information, and notification choices (appointment reminders, weekly updates, etc.)  Intake information provides more insight to allow your network to better assist you. 

MyOHIO Success Network: returns you to the homepage, where you can access “Your Connections” and “Your Services” listings (see above).  

Dashboard: you can quickly see an overview of any announcements, upcoming appointments or messages left for you (see below).   

Upcoming: lists upcoming appointments you have scheduled through MOSN. You can also cancel appointments from here. 

Messages: active Kudos, Flags, and To-do messages let you know your status in current courses, and you can contact your instructors directly from the list (email, schedule appointment, call). 

Raise Your Hand: need assistance, but not sure who to ask? Raise Your Hand lets your network know that you need help, and you will be contacted by an appropriate contact person. Help us help you! 


  • How do I schedule an appointment? 
    Appointment links are available throughout the MOSN environment, if they have been activated by that person.  Use “Schedule” in the drop-down menus next to the name of the advisor, faculty, or support person you would like to meet with.   

  • How do I contact someone in my network? 
    Email and phone contact information is available for support people and offices.  Links are provided next to each name or office listing on the homepage, on Messages, and Upcoming appointments. 

  • What do I do about Academic Flag or To-do notifications? 
    Please contact the instructor who raised the flag and clarify the situation. You may also want to contact your Academic Advisor to assist.  Contact information is linked on the flag (in Messages), and in Your Connections on the MOSN homepage. 

  • I need additional help, but don’t know who to ask.
    Use the “Raise Your Hand” feature described in Other Options above.