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At this time the Ombuds office is operating by appointment only. The link above will allow you to choose from three available services:  MS Teams videoconference, in-person, or a telephone appointment. If you choose Teams a link for the videoconference will automatically generate and be sent to you via email.  If you choose the phone option please call 740-593-2627 at the appointment time. 

Please note: If you choose to meet in person, if COVID contract tracing should end up being necessary for either of us, the fact that we met will no longer be confidential.  However, the content and topics of our meeting will remain confidential. 


The Organizational Ombudsperson serves in a unique role within the University, by assisting members of the University community with issues internal to Ohio University and in providing a proactive voice regarding issues that are arising throughout its various campuses.

The Office of the Ombudsperson is a confidential service open to all students, employees, alumni, parents and community members at Ohio University. The overarching mission of the Office of the Ombudsperson is twofold: to ensure that every member of the university community receives equitable and fair treatment and due process, and to support and facilitate a positive working and learning environment.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with your concerns and questions.


Mac Stricklen

University Ombudsperson
Ohio University
501 Baker Center
Athens, OH 45701