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End of Semester Room Change Requests

The End of Semester Room Change Request form is now open until December 5.

Fill out the form here.

Students interested in taking the place of a withdrawing student or moving into a vacant space in a room prior to winter break can submit an End of Semester Room Change Request. If you have questions, contact Housing and Residence Life at 740.593.4090 or  All requests must be submitted prior to December 5 at 8:00 a.m. for consideration. 

Students will receive an email from Housing and Residence Life if their request has been approved or denied.  Requests are not considered final until official notification from Housing and Residence Life has been received via email. 


End of Semester Room Change Request

The student requesting to move into a vacant space can complete this request for the spring semester. If the student moving into a space is taking the place of a withdrawing student, the withdrawing student must complete an Intent to Vacate Form found on the withdrawing student’s Housing Self-Service.

  • Requests will only be considered for students who complete the form prior to the deadline. Students must still reside in the assigned room marked on the form at the time both forms are received. A room change will not be approved if:
    • If there is not an eligible vacant space in the requested room
    • If any information on the form is incorrect
    • If the student is not eligible for that space (i.e., honors, application required space, upperclass halls, etc.)
    • The room the student would like to move in is a single - this process is only to move into a vacant space in a double, triple, or quad style room
  • Students who are vacating their space for spring semester must complete an Intent to Vacate Form on their Housing Self-Service for a space to be considered vacant and eligible.
  • The end of the semester room change is only approved for a student moving into a vacate or soon to be vacated space by a withdrawing student. End of semester room changes will not be approved for spaces that will become vacate by an approved end of semester room change.
  • The form needs to be completed by the student requesting to move to the vacant space in the room. Students who complete the form for another student may be subjected to the conduct process. These requests will be denied.
  • Any interactions or communications deemed inappropriate, severe, or pervasive to another student may be grounds for a student conduct violation. This includes consistent communication via email and any other social media sites. 
  • Example:
    • Student desiring to move into a vacated space in a room: By December 5, the student must fill out an End of Semester Room Change Request form with their information. If approved, the student will check into their new space during Staff Office hours from 8:30-10 p.m. Monday, December 5, through Thursday, December 8. The student then must check out of their old space by December 9 by 8 p.m.**
    • Student intending to withdraw for spring semester: By December 5, the student must fill out the Intent to Vacate Form on their Housing Self-Service. The student will check out of their resident hall by December 9 by 8 p.m.

**If a student is unable to move by December 9 at 8 p.m. into the approved space for the end of semester room change, they should contact Housing and Residence Life at as soon as they discover the inability to move. It may occur that if the move cannot be completed in the fall semester, that the student can fully pack all belongings to bring home during winter break. They would be required to check out of their current assignment with staff to verify that all belongings are removed and that the key has been returned. Check in to the new assigned space can happen on Saturday, January 14 or Sunday, January 15 during spring semester opening.