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Student Payments

Student Payment Release Form and Guidelines[XLSX]

Payments are made to Ohio University students for a variety of reasons. The type and purpose of the payment determines how it should be processed and whether it must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as taxable income and/or included as a financial aid resource when determining a student’s overall eligibility for federal, state and institutional financial aid and scholarships.

A Student Payment Release Form is used to request payments be made directly to the student as a “cash award.”   This form can also be used to apply a payment directly to specific student account charges as a department waiver or discount.  Types of payments on this request can be scholarships, prizes or awards, housing or living stipends , educational travel/research awards, and departmental tuition payments. Please review the Student Payment Guidelines[XLSX]  for more details.

Please bookmark this page rather than downloading the form and saving to your computer. Forms are updated regularly to clarify and comply with guidelines.