Ohio University

Student Fee Committee

As part of our annual budget process, it is time for planning units to:

  • Review existing student fee assessments
  • Request fee adjustments (increases, decreases, or eliminations—see Important Notice)
  • Request new fees for FY 2020 (see Important Notice)

This process is closely tied to budget development activities and supports the work of the Budget Planning Council. The fees are presented to the Board of Trustees for approval to be effective Fall Semester 2019-20.

Important Notice — Course and Technology Fee Freeze

Frozen Fees:

  • We will continue freezing course and tech fees for those that will be phased out under the Athens and RHE Guarantee Tuition Programs.
    FY20 represents the 5th year of the Athens Guarantee and the 2nd year of the RHE Guarantee.
  • As part of the current biennial budget, the State of Ohio mandated a freeze on the assessment of all undergraduate fees, with limited exceptions as detailed below.

Per Ohio’s FY18-19 Operating Budget, undergraduate fees not subject to the freeze include:

  • Student Health Insurance Fees
  • Fees for auxiliary goods or services provided to students at the cost incurred to the institution
  • Fees assessed to students as a pass-through for licensure and certification examinations
  • Elective course fees associated with travel experiences
  • Elective charges
  • Fines
  • Career Service Fees
  • Fees that offset the cost of providing textbooks for students

While the FY 20-21 State Operating Budget has not been introduced with changes to the current fee cap language, for FY20 planning purposes Ohio University is accepting the following student fee requests:

  • Exempted Athens UG course fees that will continue in the future (travel programs, flight fees, and pass-through certification fees) that clearly meet one of the state-mandated exceptions listed above
  • Exempted RHE course and program fees that will continue in the future (travel programs, Equine Program fees, and pass-through certification fees) that clearly meet one of the state-mandated exceptions listed above
  • Graduate Student Fees

Parameters for Requests of New or Increased Student Fees

Consistent with Ohio Legislature’s historical intent to limit student fee increases, Ohio University is only accepting undergraduate student fee requests for Academic Year 2019-2020 that clearly meet at least one of the State of Ohio’s list of allowable exceptions. Since all fee increases are subject to the review and approval of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, we recommend that departments and planning units: (1) limit student fee requests when possible; and (2) do not rely upon increased revenue from the new fees as part of their FY20 budget.   

Review of Current Student Fees

To review the listing of current student course fees for your unit/department/school, this information can be found on the Tuition and Fees page of the Registrar’s website. Please note that this is a listing of the current course fees and does not include all of the fees that the Student Fee Committee reviews. Please review the Student Fee Guidelines to see the matrix of fees that are reviewed/approved and the reviewing body.  

Please review the listing to make sure all fees are correct and represent all of the course-related fees students are currently being charged by the college.

All fees are to be collected by the Bursar. Please communicate all account code corrections to Sherry Rossiter, Bursar.

NOTE: Colleges and Departments are not authorized to assess fees, and the Bursar may not collect any fee that is not officially approved and communicated in accordance with the Student Fee Guidelines Units will need to complete a Student Fee Request form (Excel) for any student fee currently charged that is not reflected on the list of approved fees. (See guidance below)

Student Fee Guidelines

The Student Fee Guidelines and Procedures were prepared to help units/departments determine the category of fees and to provide an understanding of the review/approval process. Please refer to the matrix at the end of the guidelines for assistance.

Note: The planning unit Head is expected to review all fees that a unit charges. Planning unit heads can approve optional, voluntary fees/charges that are not course specific but add to the student experience. Planning unit heads must provide a listing of these voluntary, non-course specific fees to the Bursar by January 25, 2019.

Request Submission Form 

The attached form requests general information about the fees departments/schools/colleges currently charge or propose to charge and the activities these additional fees would fund. Units are also asked to provide information regarding the departmental income they anticipate from the fee. Additional detail is required regarding salaries paid from the fee revenue as well as summary information by historical natural account grouping for other expenditures.

The Student Fee Committee (a sub-committee of the Budget Planning Council) will review the fee proposals and make a recommendation to the Budget Planning Council (and ultimately the President/Board of Trustees). The fees are presented at the March 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting for final approval. The Budget Office will inform the CFAOs of the decision after the final vote of the Board of Trustees.

Submission Details:

What: Student Fee Proposal

When: Wednesday January 18, 2019

Who: Zach Reichard (reichardz@ohio.edu)

NOTE:  Requests from Regional Campuses should be submitted by Wednesday January 18, 2019 to Rosanna Howard, (stclairr@ohio.edu).

Please contact Sherry Rossiter (downs@ohio.edu), Debra Benton (bentond@ohio.edu) or Katie Hensel (hensel@ohio.edu) with any questions or concerns.