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Sociology, Criminology & Pre-Law Careers

For Sociology, Criminology and Pre-Law Students

Which Sociology Degree Best Fits Your Career Plans?

Sociology B.A.

A Sociology B.A.  degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of society and the human experience. Students learn about diverse cultures, social norms and values, and historical and contemporary social trends, which can deepen their empathy, appreciation, and understanding of the world around them. This knowledge and perspective is valuable for students interested in pursuing careers in public service, education, advocacy, social work, law, or any field where understanding people and society is essential.

Those with degrees in sociology find meaningful and rewarding employment as consultants to business and government, social change agents (e.g., community organizers), politicians, and educators. An undergraduate major in sociology is excellent preparation for those anticipating graduate study in law, social welfare, business administration, journalism, and many technical and scientific fields.

Sociology-Criminology B.A.

Sociology-criminology graduates are qualified for a wide range of careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, including community justice organizations, corrections, courts, data analysis, education, federal law enforcement, fraud prevention, homeland security, juvenile justice, offender rehabilitation, and victim advocate agencies. This major provides a solid foundation for successful careers in fields that are crucial for maintaining a safe and just society. 

The career paths available to graduates of this major are numerous and include work in community justice organizations, corrections, courts, data analysis, domestic terrorism, education, federal law enforcement, fraud prevention, homeland security, juvenile justice, law enforcement, legal research, neighborhood organizing, offender rehabilitation, parole, prisoner reentry programs, private security, probation offices, restorative justice, substance abuse counseling, and victim advocate agencies.  Moreover, graduates can pursue advanced degrees in criminology and criminal justice, law, sociology, and other social science disciplines, which opens up even more career opportunities.  Students completing the major receive a degree in sociology with the specialty in criminology listed on the transcript, making it a broad degree suitable for a wide range of careers.

Sociology Pre-Law B.A.

The Sociology Pre-Law degree offers a range of career opportunities for students who are interested in law and law-related fields. Students who graduate from this program can choose to attend law school, but they also have the option to pursue careers in government, public service professions, non-governmental organizations, community justice navigation, mediation, social justice organizations, public policy institutes, criminal justice organizations, court administration, offender rehabilitation, prisoner reentry programs, and restorative justice. 

This degree offers numerous career paths in the legal field and beyond. The sociology pre-law degree brings together the sociology program’s strengths in social inequality, law and society, and criminology, and it is an ideal degree for students interested in attending law school, as well as students interested in careers in other law-related fields. 

Moreover, the online sociology pre-law degree is an innovative program that provides students with new opportunities to access a pre-law curriculum, helping to close the gap in underrepresented students in law schools and legal careers. Online courses provide students with a flexible learning environment, which is ideal for students who may be located in remote areas or have other commitments that make traditional, in-person classes difficult to pursue. The sociology pre-law program’s focus on access to justice, working with diverse populations, and its excellent preparation for both law and law-related fields, makes it an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing a career in these areas. For students who wish to continue their study past the B.A., the online Sociology Pre-Law program provides students with the opportunity to access other online options for advanced study. Law schools are increasingly providing online options for legal education. The Online Sociology Pre-Law BA program is an excellent foundation for students who wish to pursue an online law degree or other advanced online legal studies.

Get to Graduate School Faster with our Early Assurance Program

Students in any of these undergraduate sociology programs can pursue admission to OHIO's Early Assurance Program with the M.A. in Law, Justice & Culture.

  • Complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in an accelerated program by taking graduate courses your senior year.
  • Guarantee a seat in the master’s program by earning conditional admission when you enter as a freshman.
  • Prepare for careers in research and policy, public agencies, advocacy organizations, private companies, and nonprofits.
  • Prepare for law school and Ph.D. programs.

Individualized Career Coaching for Arts & Sciences Students

College of Arts & Sciences students can take advantage of individualized career coaching, with many resources to help them prepare for successful lives. Students with liberal arts degrees are highly sought after because they are educated to think critically and become problem solvers for 21st century issues.

Build a Professional Profile

Juniors, seniors and graduate students should be working to establish a resume that details their academic and professional accomplishments. Many students will find it helpful to establish prominent and easily searchable online profiles including services like Linked in and Handshake