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Bentley Annex
The Sociology & Anthropology Department is located in Bentley Annex.

Sociology & Anthropology

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Sociology & Anthropology Department


Chair: Dr. Cynthia Anderson

Anthropology Coordinators

Program & Curriculum Coordinator: Dr. Haley Duschinski

Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Haley Duschinski

Honors Tutorial Director: Dr. Smoki Musaraj

Lambda Alpha: Dr. Joseph Gingerich

Internship Coordinator: Dr. Diane Ciekawy

Senior Thesis Coordinator: Dr. Joseph Gingerich

Regional Campus Coordinator: Dr. Nancy Tatarek

Sociology Coordinators

Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Charlie Morgan

Criminology Coordinator: Dr. Amanda Cox

Curriculum Director: Dr. Bruce Hoffman

Graduate Director: Dr. Stephen J. Scanlan

Honors Tutorial Director:  Dr. Howard Welser

Pre-Law Coordinator: Dr. Bruce Hoffman

Graduate Director: Dr. Stephen J. Scanlan


Regional Campus Coordinator: Dr. Rachel Terman

Mailing Address

Sociology & Anthropology Department
Bentley Annex 162
1 Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701 USA