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Sociology Minor

Faculty Contact: Dr. Charlie Morgan

Admissions Information

Minor Requirements

Program Overview

This program is available for students who wish to minor in Sociology. Students who pursue the program often do so as an adjunct to their major in a discipline in another social science or in another field outside the College of Arts & Sciences.

Careers and Graduate School

Students who pursue the minor often enter graduate programs in other disciplines or sociology. They also enter work settings where a knowledge of social behavior and organizations is a valuable background.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Change of Program Policy: No selective or limited admission requirements.

External Transfer Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Minor Requirements

Minor code OR4251

Minor Hours Requirement

The Sociology minor requires a minimum of 18 hours.

Sociology Core Requirements

Complete the following courses with a grade of "C" (2.0) or higher:

  • SOC 1000 - Introduction to Sociology Credit Hours: 3
  • SOC 3000 - Development of Sociological Theory Credit Hours: 3
  • SOC 3500 - Elementary Research Techniques Credit Hours: 3


Complete one of the following courses:

  • COMS 3520 - Empirical Research Applications in Communication Credit Hours: 3
  • ECON 3810 - Economic Statistics Credit Hours: 3
  • MATH 2500 - Introduction to Statistics Credit Hours: 4
  • PSY 2110 - Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Credit Hours: 4
  • QBA 2010 - Introduction to Business Statistics Credit Hours: 4


Complete 6 additional hours of Sociology.