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Sociology & Anthropology Scholarships and Financial Aid

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Sociology & Anthropology Scholarships

The Chris "CP" Parsons Scholarship

This scholarship awards students whose interests mirror those of Chris "CP" Parsons, with primary preference to sociology-criminology students with an interest in physical fitness and secondary preference to students from Southeastern Ohio.

The Nancy M. Haag Scholarship in Sociology

This scholarship is for sociology students and is for use toward tuition, room and board, textbooks, and other education-related expenses.

C. Wright Mills Social Policy Fund

These funds support graduate student and faculty research projects in the tradition of C. Wright Mills, including utopian and/or social policy inquiry or policy-oriented anthropology, with an emphasis on cases where alternative funding is lacking.

The Shelly Fund

Awards support the collection of original data and/or the purchase of proprietary material by Sociology graduate students conducting research to support the graduate thesis.

Sociology and Anthropology Foundation Fund

This fund supports department events and activities involving students, alumni, faculty, and/or staff.