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Undergraduate Student Research in Sociology & Anthropology

Recent Projects & Awards

  • Leah Butler (Sociology-Criminology) worked on the Serial Violence research project with Tom Vender Ven and completed her honors thesis, "The Social Construction of the Campus Sex Predator."
  • Katherine Allen, Anthropology minor. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (2012), Panama
  • Celia Burke carried out two months of independent ethnographic field research in Northern Ireland for her senior thesis on post-conflict community-based memory projects in the Bogside neighborhood of Derry in summer 2013.
  • Ellie Hamrick presented her senior thesis research project on the genocide reparations movement in Namibia (based on two months of independent ethnographic field research the previous summer) at the "Conflict of Memory, Memories of Conflict" conference at the University of London in February 2013.
  • Camille Scott spent six weeks in Japan in the summer of 2013 studying intensive advanced Japanese language at Chubu and Hokuriku Universities and carrying out ethnographic field research on how nationalist identity shapes language usage and the foreign student experience.
  • Katherine Allen, Anthropology minor. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (2012), Panama
  • Camille Scott, HTC Anthropology. Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund (2013), "Outside Looking In, A Socio Linguistic Study of Non-Native Learners of Japanese in an Immersive Classroom Setting."
  • Alison Thornton, Sociology major. Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship (2013)

Undergraduate Student Conference Presentations

  • Lauren Johnson (Anthropology student) at the annual meetings of the Midwest Archaeological Conference, "Spatial Organization and Subsistence Implications of Patton's Cave: A Late Woodland/Late Prehistoric Rockshelter in the Hocking Valley, Southeastern Ohio."
  • Camille Scott (Anthropology undergraduate student), at the annual meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology, "'Outside People': Foreign Students and Discrimination in Japan."
  • Abigail Stephens (Sociology) and Reiju Nemoto (Engineering) working with Charlie Morgan on his project, "International Couples Living in Japan" are transcribing inter-views (one in English and one in Japanese), coding interviews, and working on the analysis and results.
  • Undergraduate Valerian Riddle and Dr. Charlie Morgan hosted a forum on the subject of racial diversity.
  • Nancy Tatarek & Paul Patton: Appalachia Population History Project - The APHP is a regional study of historical population health and culture for Southeastern Ohio with particular focus on the Hocking Valley drainage area. Approximately 20 undergraduate students from a cross-section of disciplines in the CAS are currently involved in the project.