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Sociology M.A. Degree Requirements

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit is required for the master's degree. Many students are able to complete the program in two semesters plus a summer (that is, a calendar year). Others may take longer, as provision must be made for the master's thesis, comprehensive examinations, or applied/policy project.

Students must take 30 hours of graduate-level sociology courses.

Three Required Graduate Courses

  • SOC 6160 (Theory)
  • SOC 6540 (Methods)
  • SOC 6010 (Qualitative Methods) OR SOC 5500 (Data Analysis)

Two Graduate Seminars

6000 Level Sociology Courses. Seminar in Teaching not counted.

Two Graduate Courses: Seminars OR Dual-Listed

Thesis, Applied or Policy Project, or Examinations

Two Additional Hours of

  • SOC 5930 (Specialized Readings)
  • SOC 5931 (Research Problems)
  • SOC 6920 (Practicum)
  • SOC 6931 (Independent Study)
  • SOC 6950 (Thesis)

Candidates are expected to demonstrate competence at the master's level in sociological theory, research methods, and to show proficiency in their chosen areas of concentration through a thesis, comprehensive exams, or applied/policy project.