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Departmental Honors in Sociology

Departmental Honors: Sociology Senior Thesis

To graduate with Departmental Honors in Sociology, majors who qualify are eligible to write a Senior Honors Thesis. Qualifications include:

  • Senior status
  • 3.5 GPA overall and in Sociology
  • a research topic of sociological interest
  • a faculty sponsor

If interested, please contact Dr. Howard Welser, Honors Thesis Coordinator.

Honors Tutorial College Sociology Program

The Sociology program supports an Honors Tutorial degree offered through Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College. It extends an Oxford-style education to gifted students, in which many courses in that student's area of specialization are taught in a tutorial fashion. This means the student and faculty member meet for individualized learning through direct discussion, covering far more breadth and depth of subject matter than is possible in standard courses. Students interested should contact the Honors Tutorial College directly for additional information.