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Archaeology field school with Dr. Joe Gingerich and anthropology students at a dig site
Archaeology students have blockbuster summer adventure

Sociology & Anthropology Department

Anthropology and sociology students study human behavior, social interaction, and social organization. They explore yesterday, today and tomorrow...concerned with how societies are organized and why people do what they do.


Archaeological Anthropology

Excavating, analyzing, and interpreting material remains.

Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology

Analyzing the evolution and diversity of humans and other primates.

Hands Across Derry

Cultural Anthropology

Analyzing diverse cultural practices of politics, religion, law, and economy in an increasingly global world.

Criminology - Scales of Justice


Studying law-making, law-breaking, and social responses to law-breaking.

Social Change

Social Change

Studying the transformation of cultural symbols, rules of behavior, social organizations, value systems and social institutions over time.

Social Inequality

Social Inequality

Studying the unequal distribution of material and nonmaterial resources, and the social forces that generate and perpetuate those distributions.