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Ohio University (Athens Campus) is OPEN.

Seigfred Hall remains closed. Seigfred Hall classes/activities are canceled this evening and ... More Information
College of Arts & Sciences
Cell Wall Biotechnology
Molecular & Cell Biology

Using molecular, genetic and genomic tools to study plants.

Forest Ecology & Management
Plant & Forest Ecology

Using the ecosystems of southeastern Ohio and beyond as a natural laboratory.

Phylogenetic Systematics
Systematics & Evolution

Discovering new species, understanding evolution, finding biogeographic trends.

Plant Evolution
Undergraduate Research

Conducting undergraduate research on campus and beyond—plus internships.

Community Activities
Community Activities

Engaging the public—especially children and high school students—in science.

Sustainable Food
Sustainability in Practice

Learning at the garden and in the greenhouse.

Plant Biology

Environmental & Plant Biology Facebook
Environmental & Plant Biology Twitter

College of Arts & Sciences