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Plant Club members help out at a John Knouse trail building work day Sept. 26, 2021.
Plant Club: Dig the environment, help the community

Plant Club

All are welcome to join the Plant Club!

The club meets twice per month during the academic year to organize events and discuss new ideas; sponsor events and activities; alert members to other events and activities of potential interest hosted by the Environmental & Plant Biology Department, Ohio University and regional community; and get involved with community activities and service.

Plant Club Officers and Advisers

Three Plant Biology Club officers sitting at table

President: Ashby Marsh

Vice President: Cat Gavin

Secretary: Sarah Maracz

Treasurer: Sarah Maracz

Outreach Coordinator: Brennan Everitt

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Kim Thompson

Read more about the club’s accomplishments in 2021: Plant Club students dig the outdoors while helping the Athens community.


The purpose of this group shall be to provide opportunities for students and other interested persons to expand their knowledge of plants, plant biology and the local environment, promote awareness of environmental and conservation issues, explore natural areas surrounding the Athens region, meet with like-minded people for social and academic purposes, and to get to know departmental faculty.

Events and Activities

To announce events and activities to the Plant Club membership, email them to Please include precise dates and times, place, who's sponsoring the event or activity, a contact name and contact information.

Regular Meetings

Monthly meetings are determined at the beginning of each semester based on the availability of the membership. Contact Dr. Kim Thompson, for information.