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Plant Biology Graduate Student Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Plant Biology Graduate Student Association is to support graduate students in the Environmental & Plant Biology Department in their professional, personal and academic advancement by offering opportunities for networking, community outreach, and peer review.

Officers, 2024

  • President - Hoang Luu
  • Vice President - Emily Barbee
  • Treasurer: Remington Burwell
  • Secretary: Paige Fabre
  • Outreach Coordinator: Gavin Wallace

Educational Outreach

Formed in 2014, the Plant Biology Graduate Student Association has been active in offering educational enrichment activities to the community, with a special interest in getting young people interested in plant biology. Graduate students

  • Welcomed students from Kids on Campus and Upward Bound into labs to extract DNA, learn about herbarium specimens, identify plants, extract plant cell walls, use microscopes to learn about xylem and phloem and analyze soil.
  • Worked in the gardens and greenhouse with the Vinton County Middle School Academic Club, Upward Bound and Columbus International High School and helped a local Girl Scout troop earn their Tree Badges.
  • Developed a new design for the Athens County Children Services Garden and helped with preparing and maintaining the garden.
  • Planned activities and engaged students and their parents at Amesville Elementary Family Science Night.

For more information on outreach efforts, contact the Faculty Adviser, Dr. Kim Thompson.