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Environmental & Plant Biology Faculty Research Areas

Harvey E. Ballard Jr.

  • Plant systematics
  • Evolutionary processes in polyploid lineages
  • Molecular genetic basis of the chasmogamous/cleistogamous mixed breeding system (with Sarah Wyatt)

Sarah C. Davis

  • Ecosystem ecology
  • Bioenergy production systems
  • Feedbacks between land management and climate change

Jared L. DeForest

  •  Ecosystem Ecology
  • Plant-Microbial-Soil Interactions
  • Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles

Ahmed Faik

  • Carbohydrate biochemistry
  • Plant cell wall polysaccharides
  • Wheat and rice endosperm
  • Functional genomics of xylan biosynthesis

Zhihua Hua

  • Ubiquitylation
  • Cross talk of gene expression regulatory pathways
  • Superfamily evolution and computational biology

Glenn R. Matlack

  • Plant dispersal and biological invasion
  • Forest ecology
  • Land-use history as a factor shaping forest communities
  • Urban forests

Brian C. McCarthy

  • Forest ecology
  • Restoration of American chestnut
  • Invasive species biology

David M. Rosenthal

  • Physiological ecology (ecophysiology) of plant adaptations to environmental stress with particular reference to carbon assimilation and water relations
  • Plant responses to global environmental change such as elevated temperature, CO2, water stress, and nutrient inputs
  • Ecophysiological limitations to plant productivity

Rebecca S. Snell

  • Forest Ecology
  • Global Change
  • Landscape Ecology

Allan M. Showalter

  • Molecular biology and biochemistry of plant cell wall glycoproteins
  • Bioinformatic analysis of the plant hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein gene Family
  • Medicinal plants (DNA barcoding and anti-cancer and anti-diabetes testing)

Morgan L. Vis

  • Freshwater Algal Systematics
  • Ecology and Evolution

Sarah E. Wyatt

  • Transition of floral dimorphisms
  • Plant signaling especially as it relates to the response to gravity
  • The use of genetic, genomic, proteomic and bioinformatic strategies to identify novel signaling components