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Environmental & Plant Biology Undergraduate Research and Conference Funding

Environmental & Plant Biology Faculty and Staff Memorial Fund

  • Funds research and conference expenses.

The Norman S. Cohn Research Fellowship in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology

  • Provides summer fellowship to pursue research with a faculty member in Environmental and Plant Biology.

John J. Kopchick Molecular and Cellular Biology/Translational Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Student Support Fund

  • Up to $1,500 available researching with MCB faculty

PACE (The Program to Aid Career Exploration)

  • On-campus paid internship (10 hours per week)

Provost Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF)

  • Competitive award up to $1,500

Student Enhancement Awards

  • Award maximum $6,000

Environmental & Plant Biology Faculty and Staff Memorial Fund


The Environmental & Plant Biology Department Faculty and Staff Memorial Fund award provides financial support to help cover costs of anything from tuition to travel and research supplies associated with classes taken as part of their degree program. The number and amount of annual rewards will be determined by the funds available.

Criteria & Application

Students will be encouraged to compete for these awards through a written proposal to the Awards Coordinator by the 10th week of spring semester. However, the Awards Coordinator can receive applications at other times due to unexpected opportunities that greatly advance a student's academic goals.

The proposal should clearly indicate how the award would help the student meet his or her academic goals in Environmental & Plant Biology. The application must contain a statement of purpose and budget. Requests for conference attendance can be made for registration, hotel and travel. In addition, the abstract of research conducted with an Environmental & Plant Biology faculty member for the conference presentation must be included. Students are encouraged to seek funding from other sources and document those whether successful or not in the application. Awards are typically about $300, but requests for more funding will be considered, if well-justified.

This award is designated to honor a particular faculty or staff member who served in the Environmental & Plant Biology Department. The award honors, in order, Warren A. Wistendahl, Laurence Larson, Monroe T. Vermillion, Robert M. Lloyd, Elizabeth D. Moore, J. Herbert Graffius, and Norman S. Cohn . Further names will be added as the occasion arises, and if the end of the list is reached, names will be cycled.

Named awards will be announced at the annual departmental awards ceremony.