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The Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE) is an on-campus, internship-like work program. It is sponsored by and unique to Ohio University. This program employs around 300 students each year. PACE gives students the chance to explore their career interests. It also serves as a great resume-builder for students looking to expand their work experience.


How do students apply for PACE?

  • Complete the PACE application online at any time.
  • Instantly find out if you are eligible for the PACE program. Eligible students will have:
    • finished 15 semester hours of coursework
    • maintained at least a 2.3 cumulative grade point average
    • demonstrated a need for earning
  • If eligible, complete a PACE resume.


How do students select a PACE position?

  • PACE jobs are posted in mid-March each year for upcoming academic year. The deadline is mid-April. Check the timeline posted on the PACE website.
  • Search for jobs online by title, employer/supervisor, keyword, department, or terms offered.
  • Employers review resumes students submit to their jobs and select students for interviews.
  • Review your interview list and schedule interviews. This is a short timeframe. Check the timeline posted on the PACE website.
  • Employers will select the best applicant for the position. Check the website for employer contact details.
  • The priority PACE hiring season is March through April. If you are looking for a PACE job online outside of this timeframe, you can still search for open jobs from May through November.


Quick Facts

  • Only eligible students can be hired into a PACE job.
  • Pay rate is based on the Federal Minimum Wage or the State of Ohio Minimum Wage, whichever is greater.
  • Students may NOT hold a Federal Work-Study job and a PACE job at the same time. Students may not hold a PACE job and an RA position at same time.
  • Students may only hold one PACE position at a time.
  • Students must be enrolled to earn PACE funds. For summer semester exceptions, email
  • Jobs are only on the Athens campus.
  • Student hours and work schedule will be determined by departmental supervisors based on need and availability.

PACE Employers

PACE proposals may be submitted by any Ohio University full-time faculty and presidential contract staff members. Proposals are reviewed and rated by the PACE committee and funded based on the rating received. Funded PACE proposals are available for students to view and submit resumes to apply. Employers conduct interviews and select a student for hire according to the PACE timeline. View the PACE website for the full PACE calendar and instructions. Proposal submission is available in December.

Please remember the following about employing PACE students:

  • Students may not earn more than the PACE award amount. The award amount is 300 hours of work paid at the federal or state minimum wage, or the Ohio University student pay rate, whichever is higher.
  • PACE supervisors must complete required Payroll paperwork with the hired student and enter them into WorkForce.
  • PACE supervisors must agree to equitably select interview candidates and must not rehire the same PACE student as was hired previously in the position.
  • PACE earnings in excess of the specified award amount will be transferred to the employing department's account number.
  • During a fall or spring semester in which the student is enrolled, the student cannot work more than 25 hours per week. During periods of breaks, and during summer semester, students cannot work more than 36 hours per week.
  • Students cannot be employed in both a Federal Work-Study and a PACE position at the same time. Students cannot be employed in both a PACE position and an RA position at the same time.
  • Students are not required to be enrolled during the summer semester to be employed in a PACE position. Students must be hired into a PACE position in the PACE Website and enrolled in spring semester to work the first part of the summer semester. Students must be hired into a PACE position in the PACE Website and enrolled in fall semester to work the second part of the summer semester.
  • PACE jobs should not replace a university employee. Due to the volume of eligible PACE students and the limited number of PACE positions, hiring is very selective and employers MUST abide by the PACE timeline.

PACE employers with a funded position for the 2024-2025 year must complete the PACE Employer Agreement by April 5, 2024.