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Anthropology Degree Requirements Under Quarters

Degree Requirements

Anthropology may be defined broadly as the scientific study of humankind.  This discipline has two major foci:  humans as biological organisms and as cultural beings.  This department concentrates on three of Anthropology’s subfields:  biological anthropology, cultural anthropology and archaeology. The major is designed for flexibility. Majors should select a faculty advisor to aid them in desiging an individualized program of study.

Anthropology Hours Requirement

Complete a total of 33 semester hours of ANTH coursework, including all of the requirements below.

A. Required Courses:

ANTH 1010 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2010 - Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH 2020 - Introduction to World Archaeology

B. Electives:

  • Complete one course from each of the following areas (archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology)
  • Complete two additional courses at the 4000-level from two of the three subrequirements
  • Complete three other anthropology courses at the 3000- or 4000-level

1. Archaeology – at least 1 of the following:

ANTH 3610 - North American Prehistory
ANTH 3670 - South American Prehistory
ANTH 3700 - Mexican/Central American Prehistory
ANTH 3780 - Human Ecology
ANTH 4911 - Field School in Ohio Archaeology
ANTH 4943 - Seminar in Archaeological Anthropology
ANTH 4944 - Seminar in Human Ecology

2. Biological Anthropology – at least 1 of the following:

ANTH 3460 - Introduction to Human Osteology
ANTH 3540 - Primate Behavioral Ecology
ANTH 3550 - Medical Anthropology
ANTH 3730 - Perspectives in Anthropology
ANTH 4470 - Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 4480 - Blood, Bones, and Violence
ANTH 4580 - Peoples, Plagues and Pestilence
ANTH 4730 - Human Evolution
ANTH 4942 - Seminar in Biological Anthropology
ANTH 4960 - Human Diversity

3. Cultural Anthropology – at least 1 of the following:

ANTH 3010 - Visual Anthropology
ANTH 3400 - Applied Anthropology
ANTH 3450 - Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 3490 - Life History: The Individual and Culture
ANTH 3500 - Economic Anthropology
ANTH 3510 - Political Anthropology
ANTH 3530 - Anthropology of Violence and Peace
ANTH 3570 - Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 3660 - Cultures of the Americas
ANTH 3760 - Culture Contact and Change
ANTH 3800 - Cultures of South Asia
ANTH 3810 - Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
ANTH 3830 - Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 3850 - Cultures of Southeast Asia
ANTH 3860 - Problems in Southeast Asian Anthropology
ANTH 4560 - Ethnographic Methodology and Field Research
ANTH 4620 - Human Rights, Law and Justice
ANTH 4720 - History of Anthropological Thought
ANTH 4941 - Seminar in Cultural Anthropology

College of Arts and Sciences
requirements for an BA degree in Anthropology

General requirements for a B.A. are:

  1. a minimum of 120 semester hours for the B.A. degree
  2. 60 hours of Arts and Sciences coursework at the 2000 level or above
  3. A minimum of college level foreign language at the 2120 level or the equivalent for the B.A. and, for the B.S., a minimum of college level foreign language at the 1120 level or equivalent (see further explanation of the differences between the B.A. and B.S. requirement in the “Foreign Language Requirement” section below),
  4. At least 9 semester hours each of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences coursework for a total of 33 semester hours for the B.A. degree and 27 semester hours for the B.S. degree
  5. General Education requirements— Tiers I, II, III
  6. All departmental requirements for the Anthropology major

To receive a degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, you must have a minimum 2.0 GPA on all of the following:

  1. All hours attempted at Ohio University
  2. All hours attempted at Ohio University in your major.


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