Ohio University

Purchasing Roadmap

In accordance to University policy 55.030 -Purchasing, to leverage University spending by buying from, and complying with state law on competitive bidding, the University Purchasing Department bids large-volume spend categories. These bid events are most often facilitated through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

All RFP opportunities identified by Purchasing or those recommended to Purchasing Department through use of the Preferred Supplier Recommendation Form are logged and tracked. Tracking the RFPs and related contract expirations in a longer timeframe provides the university opportunities to save money.  Improved efficiencies are aggressively pursued on a continual basis.  Included in the roadmap is the addition of new catalogs in BobcatBUY.  A list of upcoming catalogs will also be maintained on this site. 

The Purchasing Roadmap Quick Reference Guide will provide more information regarding the use of the Purchasing Roadmap. 

Upcoming Catalogs in BobcatBUY
Supplier Goods Provided Starting Date Estimated Go Live
Pocket Nurse Medical Supplies December February
BioRad Scientific Supplies February April
New Promo Supplier Promotional Supplies March May
Medline Medical Supplies April June
iVideo A/V Equipment May July


Goods/Services Description Estimate Review Current Supplier Suggested Supplier Suggested By Commodity Manager
Mail Room Equipment Feb-2020 Pitney Bowes, Hasler Under Review    Pidcock
Football Equipment Feb-2020 Needs Bid for Helmets, Pads, etc. Under Review  Athletics Pidcock
Screen Printing Services Feb-2020 Precision Imprint Under Review  Athletics Pidcock
Mattress Replacement Program Feb-2020   New Supplier Residence Hall Yake
Benefits Consulting Services, Software Support (HealthOnline) Feb-2020 Mercer Health & Benefits Pending-In RFP Process   Pidcock
Housing & Residence Coin Laundry Services Feb-2020 Caldwell & Gregory     Thomas
Building Monitoring Services Feb-2020 Innovative Hardware dba EPS Pending - In RFP Process   Pidcock
Misc Classroom and Dormitory Furniture Feb-2020 Dupler Office, Library Design, Maraye, O'Reilly, RJE, School Specialty; American Register     Yake
Document destruction Mar-2020 Shred-it   TBD Pidcock
Caregiving and Parenting Skills Mar-2020 Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development   Aimee Collins Yake
Child Abuse Training & Development Coordinator Mar-2020 Mighty Crow Media   Collins Yake
Large Pumps & Valves Mar-2020   New Supplier Facilities Yake
Maintenance and Repair Contract Pool Expansion - Athens Campus Only Mar-2020 Berglund, Bruner, Claypool, Elford, Geiger, KAL, Limbach, Quality Masonry, Trane Pending Facilities Yake
Maintenance and Repair Contract Pool Expansion - Regional Campuses Only Mar-2020   Pending Facilities Yake
Web Development Services Mar-2020 Ameex, Electric Citizen, GlobalSource, KWALL, Palantir, Promet   OIT
Parent Education Services Planning Mar-2020 Hopewell, C of OAD   ORSP Yake
HVAC equipment Mar-2020 Trane Company     Yake
Solid Waste and Recycling  Mar-2020 Athens Hocking Recycling Centers     Yake
Custodial and Janitorial Supply Mar-2020 Classic Solution     Yake
Elevator Maintenance Mar-2020 Otis Elevator     Yake
Event Security Mar-2020 Whelan     Yake
Inclusive Access eBook Platform Mar-2020 Vital Source     Yake
Media Buyer Mar-2020 Ron Foth     Yake
Print Graphic Design  Mar-2020 Ologie, Red Tail, Ullman     Yake
Strategic Enrollment Management Mar-2020 Maguire and Associates     Yake
Web/Digital Media Graphic Design  Mar-2020 KWALL Inc., Ologie, Red Tail     Yake
Electronic Supplies Mar-2020   Allied Electronics Engineering Yake
Culinary Use Only - Culinary Bakery Mar-2020 Bimbo Bakeries (Heiners), Nickles, Thompson      Thomas
Culinary Use Only - Egg Provider Mar-2020 White Feather Farms & Produce One     Thomas
Culinary Use Only - Ice Cream Mar-2020 Velvet      Thomas
Culinary Use Only - Primary Food Supplier (Dry goods, Frozen Foods, Dairy, etc) Mar-2020 White Feather Farms of Ohio      Thomas
Culinary Use Only - Retail Mar-2020 HACKNEY      Thomas
Weekly Newspaper Printing & Distribution (Post) Mar-2020 APG Media of Ohio     Thomas
Culinary Use Only - Ecolab Cleaning Chemicals Mar-2020 Ecolab      Thomas
Smallwares  Mar-2020 Various   Culinary Thomas
Air Filters Mar-2020 Ketchum & Walton     Yake
Electric Supplies Mar-2020 State Electric An RFP will need to posted. No more renewals available.   Yake
Aviation Fuel Mar-2020 Arrow Energy     Yake
IT Employee Recruitment Services Mar-2020 Diversity Search Group/ Elegant, iBusiness, Mitaja, Nesco     Yake
Promotional Items Mar-2020 Consolidus      Thomas
Outside Print Jobs Mar-2020 APG Media, Sheridan Press, Pressworks, Duncan Press, UniPrint, Watkins, Robin Enterprises, Globus, Fine Line, Baesman     Thomas
Online Teaching Instructors (Nursing) Mar-2020 Instructional Connections     Yake
Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss Insurance Apr-2020 Anthem BC and BS     Pidcock
Football Air Charters Apr-2020 Air Planning     Pidcock
Bottled Water Delivery Apr-2020   New Supplier Auxiliaries Thomas
Office Furniture Apr-2020 Krueger International, Continental, Contract Source, King Business, Loth     Yake
Online Student Tutoring System Apr-2020 Tutor.com     Yake
Vehicle Pool Apr-2020   New Supplier Purchasing Yake
Short and Intermediate Term Investment Advisory Services May-2020 Capital Cities LLC     Yake
Misc. Scientific Chemicals, Equipment & Supplies Jun-2020 Abcam, Agilent, B&B, Bio Basic, Bioline, Bio-Rad, Bruker, Cole-Parmer, Consolidated Sterilizer, Custom Fabricators, DAI, Denville, Eppendorf, Evoqua, FEI, Horiba, Jade, Kurt Lesker, Laerdal, Leica, Lonza, Mayflower, MedSupply, MIDSCI, Neta, New England, Nexlab, Nikon, PerkinElmer, Promega, Qiagen, Research Products, Sarstedt, Shimadzu, Sigma-Aldrich, Stonecreek, Takara, Thermo Electron, Thermolinear, USA Scientific, W. Nuhsbaum, Waters Technologies, WEL, Worldwide Life   IUC Contract Pidcock
Office Supplies Jun-2020 Office Depot, Staples     Thomas
Vehicles (Police) Jul-2020 Greve Chrysler     Yake
MRO & Facilities Supplies Jul-2020 WW Grainger Inc., Lowe's, Fastenal, Siemen's, MSC, Direct Resource    
Online Marketing Strategic Enrollment Jul-2020 Carnegie, JMH     Yake
Wellworks Health Program Jul-2020 Virgin Pulse     Pidcock
Basketball Air Charters Aug-2020       Pidcock
Hospitaility Products and Services Sep-2020 American Hotel Register Company     Pidcock
Onbase imaging software Sep-2020 Hyland Software   OIT Yake
Temperature Controls Nov-2020 Johnson Controls     Yake
Universal Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Awareness Campaign Dec-2020 Origo Branding   Aimee Collins Yake
Pipe and Valve Fittings Dec-2020 Iron City Pipe and Supply     Yake
Petroleum products Dec-2020 Ports Petroleum     Yake
Bedlofts Dec-2020 Collegiate Marketing/Bedlofts Inc.     Yake
Southern Custodial Dec-2020 Mid-American Cleaning Contractors     Yake
Strategic Marketing (Phase II) Dec-2020 Truth and Consequences     Yake
Student Retention Dec-2020 Hobson Starfish     Yake
Medical Equipment & Supplies Dec-2020 Pocket Nurse, Medline, Henry Schein, McKesson     Pidcock
Culinary Use Only - Prime Vendor (Dry Good, Frozen Foods, Seafood, Dairy, etc.) Dec-2020 US Foods      Thomas
Enrollment Fulfillment Consulting Svc. Dec-2020 Fire Engine Red, EAB (Royall)     Yake
Signage Jan-2021 Osburn Associates, REM Graphics     Thomas
UCM Videographic Supplier Jan-2021 Ologie, Sway the Crowd     Yake
Fleet Credit Card Services Jan-2021 Voyager Fleet Systems     Pidcock
Paints and supplies Jan-2021 Sherwin Williams     Yake
Executive Search Firm Feb-2021 312 Staffing, Academic Career, Academic Search, AGB, Beecherhill, Buffkin, Greenwood, Harris, Helbling, Hudepohl, Parker, Funk, Storbeck, Witt     Pidcock
HVAC Services - Southern Campus Only Mar-2021 Casto Technical Services     Yake
Industrial Controls Emergency Response Mar-2021 FCX Performance     Yake
Utility Line Locators Mar-2021 GPRS, Underground Detective     Yake
Culinary Use Only - Meat (chicken, beef, pork) Mar-2021 White Feather Farms of Ohio      Thomas
Culinary Use Only - Milk Mar-2021 Broughton      Thomas
Milk Provider Mar-2021 Broughton Pending Auxiliaries Thomas
Retail Food Packaging & Food Service Disposables Mar-2021 iSupply & Veritiv Pending Auxiliaries Thomas
Culinary Use Only - Primary Produce Provider Apr-2021 Produce One      Thomas
Paper and Envelope Jun-2021 Veritiv, Millcraft, Western States   Print Services Thomas
Law enforcement equipment and supplies Sep-2021 Vance Outdoor     Yake
Online Transcripts and Ordering Sep-2021 Credential Solutions     Pidcock
Shared Data Center Oct-2021 Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions     Yake
Custom Program Provider Nov-2021 API, Amizade, Cambridge, CEDEI, Child Family, CEA, Global Experiences, ISA, Kaya, Spanish Studies, World Learning     Pidcock
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking Services Nov-2021 AT&T   OIT Yake
International Student Health Insurance (Short-Term Travel Ins) Dec-2021 Gallagher     Pidcock
Study Abroad and Away Preferred Custom Program Provider  Dec-2021 Acedemic Programs International, Athena Study Abroad, Barcelona SAE, CEA Study Abroad, Center for International Studies, Child Family Health International, CitiStyle, Connect 1-2-3, International Service Learning, International Studies Abroad, Kaya Responsible Travel, Performing Arts Abroad, Southbridge Access LLC, The Asia Institute TBD   Pidcock
Bus Transportation Dec-2021 Buckeye Coach, Croswell, Lakefront     Pidcock
Building Automation Controls Dec-2021 Limbach, BCI   Facilities Yake
Lenovo Computers Dec-2021 CDW-G   OIT Yake
Remote Proctoring Tool Dec-2021 Verificient   OIT Yake
Computer supplies Dec-2021 Software House International, Anixter, CDW-G, GovConnection, Dell Marketing, Apple New Egg   Yake
Alumni and Championship Rings Dec-2021 Jostens - Alumni Priamary /Jostens, Balfour & Herff Jones -ICA Suppliers     Pidcock
Alumni Insurance Dec-2021 Nationwide   HR Pidcock
Pouring Rights Dec-2021 PEPSI     Pidcock
Ticketing & Donor Management System Dec-2021 Paciolan, Inc.     Pidcock
Housing & Dining Laundry Services Dec-2021 Ambassador Laundries     Thomas
Mail Tracking Software  Jan-2022 SCLogic     Thomas
Embedded Third-Party Study Abroad Provider Feb-2022 International Education Programs (IEP)     Pidcock
Freight Services Mar-2022 FedEx     Thomas
Audio, Visual & Video Equipment Apr-2022 iVideo Technologies Schoolhouse, B & H Audio Video, AVI-SPL, CDW-G Sweetwater, Bill and Mikes Photo, Midwest Photo VisComm Yake
HCOM Curriculum Management Jun-2022 AllofE   HCOM Pidcock
Interpreting Services  Jul-2022       Pidcock
Copier equipment Sep-2022 ComDoc     Yake
Microsoft Reseller Sep-2022 Dell Marketing, Software House International     Yake
Energy Procurement Consultant Dec-2022 STEP Resources   Baetens Yake
Lecture Capture Software Dec-2022 Panopto   OIT Yake
IT Professional Services Dec-2022 ERP Analysts, GlobalSource IT   Perry Yake
Travel Supplier Jan-2023 Christopherson     Pidcock
Underwriter Mar-2023 Senior Manager: Barclays; Goldman Sachs Co-Manager Pool: PNC; Bank of America; Siebert; Huntington   Treasury Yake
Community Food Initiatives May-2023 Rural Action     Pidcock
Natural Gas Supply Jun-2023 IGS Energy (Gonzoil)     Yake
Investment Consulting Services Dec-2023 Fund Evalution Group   Finance Yake
Scientific Equipment Distributor May-2024 Fisher Scientific, VWR     Pidcock
Vehicle Rentals Oct-2024 Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National/Hertz     Pidcock
Official Apparel Outfitter and Sponsorship Dec-2024 Adidas     Pidcock
Undergraduate Recruiting System Jan-2025 Technolutions Slate     Yake
Event Services Graduation Caps & Gowns May-2026   TBD Event Services Pidcock
Maintenance and Repair Contract Pool - Athens Campus Only 3/1/2019                  In Process ABC Piping, Claypool, Elford, Geiger, KAL, Lepi, Limbach, Quality Masonry   Facilities Yake
Personal Computers Dec 2018                Bid-in-Process Dell, Anixter, Apple, SHI     Yake
Compressed Gases Dec 2018                In Process Airgas Mid America Pallinis, Praxair Arts & Sciences, ORSP, FMS Pidcock
Temporary Employment Services In Process InGenesis     Thomas
Fire systems Jan 2019                  In Process Johnson Controls Fire Protection     Yake
Strategic Marketing NA Edelman Intelligence     Yake
Ironton Lawn Care RFP New RFP Brown Landscape Management      Yake
Deaerator Tank Inspections None Thielsch Engineering     Yake
Alumni and Championship Rings TBD TBD Pending Athletics Pidcock
Compensation & Market Analysis Study TBD TBD Pending Benefits Pidcock
Domestic Housing 2019 TBD TBD Pending Global Oppor. Pidcock
HCOM Board Prep TBD TBD Pending HCOM Pidcock
Merchandise Under Review TBD Amazon Athletics Thomas
Craft Supplies Under Review TBD   Housing, Child Dev Thomas
Plumbing Under Review Robertson     Yake