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Campus Involvement

FSE Cutover Schedule

The FSE Cutover Schedule and Campus Checklist details submission deadlines prior to the COA Conversion window and system availability during the conversion window, schedule to occur from November 30, 2017 - December 12, 2017. 


Since August 2016, The Change Network has collaborated with the project team to develop a thorough training curriculum [PDF] and schedule, to meet the complex training requirements within each unit. A training schedule will be published and registration opportunities will be distributed within each Planning Unit as we approach go-live. Visit the FSE Training Page for training resources. 


In May 2016, The Chart of Accounts (COA) Redesign Project reached a significant milestone as a series of COA Mapping Sessions were conducted with campus representatives. In the introductory COA Mapping Overview Sessions, COA segment definitions and values are explained to mapping participants in order to build knowledge and understanding of the new COA account structure. In a subsequent COA Mapping Workshop, participants will map and document old COA segment data to new segment COA values. Once mapping is complete, the values will be loaded into the new COA database for testing. 

Chart of Accounts Work Group

work group for the Chart of Accounts was formed in November 2015 and consists of representatives from the campus community. This group advises the project team on important decisions that impact campus users and keeps the RC Strategy group informed.

Awareness Sessions

A series of campus wide forums, called the Financial System Enhancements (FSE) Awareness  & Readiness Sessions, will be available to inform and prepare impacted users for upcoming changes. The FSE Awareness Sessions were held from August 2 through Thursday, August 18, 2016 with around 300 attendees. The purpose of these sessions was to increase user understanding of the project timeline, goals, benefits, the COA segment structure, the new Oracle Grants Accounting module, Financial approvers, and provide an overview of the communication and training support that users can expect. 

Campus User Pulse Surveys

A series of campus wide surveys, FSE Pulse Surveys, will be sent to impacted users throughout the project. The purpose of these surveys is to gauge the perceived impact of the different projects within Financial Systems Enhancements and to understand the effectiveness of communication and training. 

Campus User Survey

A survey regarding the current effectiveness and usability of the Chart of Accounts was sent to faculty and staff who access Oracle, run or receive reports, approve transactions in BobcatBUY or Concur, or mine data for University business. In addition, input was gathered about suggestions for the future COA as well as information regarding the use of shadows system to support business operations.

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