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Answers to frequently asked questions about using the Chart of Accounts redesign project can be found below. Clicking on a question's text will display the corresponding answer. Send additional questions, feedback, and input to

What is a Chart of Accounts (COA)?

The Chart of Accounts allows departments to track the revenue and expenses that impact the budget. It also allows the University to record assets (i.e. cash, investments, buildings), and liabilities (debt, payments to vendors). This is information is used as the basis for reporting and making decisions.

Who will be impacted by COA project?

The entire campus will be impacted by the project. The COA number is used to update pcard transactions, prepare budgets and management reports, charge payroll and other services provided across the campus.

How do I get ready?

Stay current on information about the project by participating in quarterly Business Forums, reading Business Matters monthly, visiting the COA website, and watching for Compass articles on the project. Visit the News Archive page for all articles and visit the Campus Involvement page for meeting minutes and presentations.

Can I provide feedback or ask a question?

Yes, and we encourage you to provide feedback. Please send your questions or feedback to

I have a shadow system that holds COA data. Will you help me change over to the new COA?

The technical team for this project is currently assessing the effort around the system impacts of the Chart of Accounts change. While we may not be able to convert every shadow system, there will be information shared with everyone on how to handle the COA conversion in shadow systems.

Will Funds Available go away?

Funds Available will not go away. However, there may be opportunities to deliver enhanced functionality through other solutions the ability to review transaction level details and check balances will still be available.

Will I be able to look up my new account number using my old account number?

Yes, there will be a lookup tool available as we approach the go live period. The lookup tool will allow you to enter your old account number and convert it to the new account number and vice versa.

What is the difference between “cross validation rules" and "validation rules.” What do they mean?

Cross validation and validation rules are different terms for the same functionality.  Cross validation rules are used to define a range of values allowed for each account segment (i.e. Entity, Source, Organization) that can be used with ranges of values with other account segments.  For instance, if you use a foundation Source in the new Chart of Accounts you must use that foundation Source segment with the foundation Entity segment as opposed to the University’s Entity segment.

With the new Chart of Accounts, will I have standard monthly reports like I do now? Will I still be able to get the reports the same way I do now?

Yes, there will be some form of reporting with the new Chart of Accounts and the reports will contain similar information and most likely, the ability to add other data as you need in some form. More details on reporting capabilities will be shared as the go live approaches. 

What is a parent value? How are parent values used?

In the new Chart of Accounts, a hierarchical structure will exist for each segment. The values of each segment have parent and child relationships that form the hierarchical structure. Parent values cannot be used for recording revenue and expense activity. Instead, parent values are used in reporting and provide a way to summarize various child accounts in reports.