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House Bill Equipment

Purchasing Equipment on House Bill Funds

These funds are for the purchase of Instructional and Data Processing Equipment. Generally, equipment must be used directly for instructional purposes or in direct support of instruction.  Equipment used by faculty (except when purchased primarily in support of their funded research) are considered to be in “support of instruction."

Permitted is equipment and materials necessary to prepare and improve infrastructure to permit greater reliance on technology for instructional purposes including, but not limited to, cable and conduit. 

The unit value of equipment must equal or exceed $100.  Individual items in a package may cost less than $100 but must be logically packaged in order to be eligible for funding (e.g. accessories such as a mouse, cables, or start-up software, which are bundled with a computer purchase). While freight and installation are acceptable charges, the following are not allowable:

  • Software upgrades or maintenance
  • Protection plans, Maintenance agreements, or Warranties (if priced separately)
  • Training
  • Items less than $100 unless bundled logically with an item that is greater than $100
  • Office furniture or equipment except computer workstations
  • Supplies
  • Books
  • Vehicles


Purchase order (PO) requisitions [Excel] must have pricing from the vendor attached so that allowability can be determined. Departments may not charge PCards directly to a House Bill account number.  If the vendor only accepts PCards there are two options:

  1. Charge to your departmental account and fill out an accounting correction form [Excel] to move the charge from your department to the House Bill account number.  If the vendor invoice is not attached to the form or if the purchase is unallowable the charge will not be moved;
  2. Fill out a PO requisition and write "Charge to PCard" on the requisition. Procurement has the ability to charge directly to a House Bill account number.

Please send all requisitions and accounting correction forms to Ann Smith, 276 WUSOC. 

For more information, read the official guidelines from Ohio Board of Regents.