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Howard T. "Ted" Welser

Howard-Welser, portrait
Associate Professor of Sociology
Bentley Annex 123

Recent News


Ph.D.: University of Washington, 2006

Professional Profile

Research & Specialization

  • Social Structure and Group Processes
  • Social Media and Computer Mediated Interaction
  • Research Methods
  • Social Implications of Technological Change

Courses Taught

  • Soc 1000: Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 3500: Elementary Research Techniques
  • Soc 4190/5190: Group Processes
  • Soc 4500/5500: Data Analysis
  • Soc 4950: Sociology Capstone: Social Media, Social Networks & Social Change
  • Soc 6540: Social Research Methods

Current Publications

Selected Publications

Welser, Howard T. 2014. “Breaking the iron law of oligarchy: Computational institutions, organizational fidelity, and distributed social control.” Edited by Elisa Bertino and Sorin Adam Matei, Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets: Theory and Methods (pp. 121-144) New York: Springer Publishing.

Robbins, Blaine, Howard T. Welser, Maria Gregoriya, and Eric Gleave. 2014. “Power-use in cooperative competition: A power-dependence model and an empirical test of network structure and geographic mobility.” Social Science Research. 45:131-151.

Welser, Howard T. 2012. “The growth of technology and the end of wilderness experience.” Edited by Bruce Martin and Mark Wagstaff, Controversial Issues in Adventure Programming, (pp. 147-155) Champaign IL: Human Kinetics Publishing.

Black, Laura W., Howard T. Welser, Dan Cosley and Jocelyn M. DeGroot. 2011. “Self-governance through group discussion in Wikipedia: Measuring deliberation in online groups.” Small Group Research. 41(5):595-634.

Brooks, Brandon, Howard T. Welser, Bernie Hogan, and Scott Tittsworth. 2011. “Socioeconomic status updates.” Information, Communication and Society. 14(4):529-549.

Welser, Howard T., Dan Cosley, Gueorgi Kossinets, Austin Lin, Fedor Dokshin, Geri Gay, and Marc Smith. 2011. “Finding social roles in Wikipedia.” (pp. 122-129). In ACM proceedings of iConference 2011, Seattle, WA.

Underwood, Patrick and Howard T. Welser. 2011. “‘The Internet is here’: Emergent coordination and innovation of protest forms in digital culture.” (pp. 304-311). In ACM proceedings of iConference 2011, Seattle, WA.

Welser, Howard T., Patrick Underwood, Dan Cosley, Derek Hansen, and Laura Black. 2010. “Wiki-networks: Connections of creativity and collaboration.” Derek Hansen, Ben Shneiderman, & Marc Smith (Eds.), Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL, (pp. 248-271). New York: Morgan Kaufmann.

Welser, H. T., Lento, T, Smith, M. A. Gleave, E., & Himelboim, I. (2008). “A picture is worth a thousand questions: visualization techniques for discovery in computer mediated interaction.” Nicholas Jankowski (Ed.), e-Research: Transformations in Scholarly Practice. (ch.10). London: Routledge.

Lento, Thomas, Eric Gleave, Marc Smith, and Howard T. Welser. 2008. “Some users pack a Wallop: Measuring the impact of core users on the participation of others in online social systems.” ICWSM ‘08, April 1-2, 2008, Seattle, WA, USA. (Poster)

Welser, H. T, Smith, M. A. Gleave, E., & Fisher., D. (2008). “Distilling digital traces: Computational social science approaches to studying the internet.” In N. Fielding, R. L. Lee and G. Grant (Eds.), Handbook of online research methods. (pp 116-140). London: Sage Publications.