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Archaeological Anthropology


Archaeology Field School tools near at excavation site near Athens, Ohio. Photo by Ben Siegel

Archaeological anthropology is the study of past humans and cultures through material remains. It involves the excavation, analysis and interpretation of artifacts, soils, and cultural processes.

Several Ohio University faculty specialize in archaeological anthropology.

Elliot Abrams

  • Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • Ohio Valley Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Economics

AnnCorinne Freter-Abrams

  • Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • Cultural Ecology
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Maya Settlement and Landscape Archaeology
  • Maya Domestic Economy
  • Gender in Prehistory
  • Archaeological Chronology
  • Obsidian Hydration Dating

Joseph Gingerich

  • Archaeology
  • Hunting and Gathering Societies
  • Stone Tool Technology
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Human-Environmental Interactions
  • Paleoindian – New World Colonization
  • Eastern North America Prehistory

Paul Patton

  • Archaeology
  • Archaeobotany
  • Ohio Valley Archaeology
  • Cultural Evolution

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