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Diversity in the Psychology Department

The Department's Commitment

The Psychology Department at Ohio University values the variety of perspectives and knowledge that diversity brings to our community. The department is committed to promoting diversity in research, teaching, and student recruitment by embracing the ADDRESSING model. Through embracing this model, the department hopes to encourage research and coursework that is relevant to all individuals, including those from diverse backgrounds.

The department is committed to promoting diversity by working toward the following goals:

  • Fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion in which all individuals are supported and integrated both academically and socially.
  • Welcoming honest and open discussion regarding diversity issues.
  • Attracting faculty, students, and staff of diverse backgrounds to our department and departmental programs.
  • Incorporating diversity as a topic in our academic curriculum.
  • Enhancing awareness of diversity issues through ongoing research and training.


To help realize these goals Ohio University and the department provide the following resources:

Diversity Courses & Research

ADDRESSING Diversity Committees

Diversity Recruitment Committee

  • Mission statement: Devoted to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Members: Carolyn Cook, Irina Livitz, & Jeff Vancouver (Chair)

Research and Teaching

  • Mission statement: The primary goal of this subcommittee is to increase awareness of diversity-related research conducted by Psychology faculty and students, as well as diversity-relevant courses taught by Psychology faculty.
  • Members: Timothy Anderson, Susan Tice-Alicke, Kimberly Rios (chair)


Mission statement: This subcommittee assesses current and emerging diversity training needs for the Psychology Department and generates additional resources, training, and professional development opportunities. Resources are developed to support students, staff, and faculty throughout the department in scholarship, research, clinical services, supervision/mentorship, and administration.
Members: Julie Suhr(chair), Megan Austin, Matt Perlman.

Mentor Committee

Mission Statement: to develop a peer mentoring program that provides undergraduate students studying Psychology an opportunity to interact with current graduate students in the field. Goals are to facilitate a supportive relationship between the mentor and mentee, provide guidance on pursuing graduate school or a career in Psychology, and to help all students (but especially students from diverse backgrounds) navigate the demands of undergraduate life. Committee members: Grace Lee, Kaley Angers, Carrie Cook, Samantha Kempker, and Danielle Cooper

Bystander Intervention for Witness Discrimination Committee

Mission Statement: to develop a training program to help minimize barriers to appropriate bystander intervention for individuals who witness acts of discrimination. Committee members: Julie Suhr (chair), Megan Austin, Joel Wyatt, Kari Benson, Mathew Hall, Grace Lee, Kim Rios, Susan Tice-Alicke, Christie Thiessen, Kevin Saulnier, Danielle Cooper

Teaching Resources Committee

Mission Statement: to identify resources for instructors to address diversity issues in the classroom and gather them to serve as resources through the Psychology Department Advising Center. Committee Members: Ross Rogers and Julie Suhr.