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Core Experimental Psychology Faculty

Core Experimental Faculty & Research Areas

Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo

Research and teaching interests include basic and applied topics in judgment and decision-making (Lens model analysis, calibration, mathematical models of judgments and choices, inter-temporal decisions, nutrition judgments and food studies); psychometrics and statistics. Dr. Gonzalez-Vallejo is not currently accepting new graduate students.

Keith D. Markman

Research interests include the areas of motivated social cognition and social judgment and decision-making, and counterfactual thinking - the generation of imagined alternatives to reality. Dr. Markman is currently accepting new Ph.D. students.

Brett Peters

Research interests include stress, relationships, psychophysiology, and health. Dr. Peters is currently accepting new Ph.D. students.

Jeffrey B. Vancouver

Research interests include the role of goals and feedback in motivation and learning, the role of beliefs in goal processes. Dr. Vancouver is not currently accepting new graduate students.

Ronaldo Vigo

Research interests include cognitive research with focus on the development of mathematical and computational models of concept learning and categorization behavior. Dr. Vigo is currently accepting new Ph.D. students.

Peggy Zoccola

Research interests include rumination and worry, stress and coping, sleep, cortisol, and effects of interpersonal and cognitive processes on physiology and health. Dr. Zoccola is currently accepting new graduate students.

Contributing and Emeriti Faculty

These faculty are not accepting graduate students.

Francis S. Bellezza

Human cognition and memory, artificial intelligence, statistics.

Rodger W. Griffeth

Research interests include organizational turnover and human resource systems.

G. Daniel Lassiter

Research interests include the problem of how people come to organize and comprehend the information contained in another person's ongoing stream of behavior.

Danny R. Moates

Research interests spoken word recognition, vowel mutability, and the mental lexicon.