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Core Clinical Psychology Faculty

Core Clinical Faculty & Research Areas

Darcey Allan

Research interests focus on the development and measurement of attentional processes in early childhood and how these processes relate to important aspects of child development. Dr. Allan is not currently accepting new Ph.D. students.

Timothy Anderson

Research interests include understanding the role of therapists in psychotherapy, especially identifying the effects of therapists' interpersonal skills on psychotherapy processes and outcomes. Dr. Anderson is not accepting new Ph.D. students.

Steven W. Evans

Research interests include developing effective and practical interventions for adolescents with ADHD and related problems. Dr. Evans is currently not accepting new graduate students.

K. Jean Forney

Research interests include risk and maintenance factors for eating disorders across psychological, social, and physiological domains. Dr. Forney is accepting a new Ph.D. student for Fall 2024.

Chris France

Research interests include psychophysiology of pain and cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, interventions to prevent blood donation syncope, stress and coping. Dr. France is NOT currently accepting new graduate students.

Jennifer Grant Weinandy

Research interests include using mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) to study perceptions and experiences of addictions and addiction treatment in adults, focusing specifically on behavioral addictions, including gambling and compulsive sexual behavior, and harm reduction treatment. Dr. Grant Weinandy is accepting a new Ph.D. student for Fall 2024.

Julie Owens

Research interests include multi-modal assessment and treatment of ADHD, school-based interventions in rural communities, use of technology to enhance supports for teachers and services for students. Dr. Owens will be reviewing applications to accept a new Ph.D. student in the fall of 2024.

Julie Suhr

Research interests include neuropsychology of pain, assessment and management of Alzheimer's disease, detection of malingering, effects of psychological state on neuropsychological performance, schizotypy. Dr. Suhr is not currently accepting new graduate students.

Brian Wymbs

Research primarily focuses on studying the association between attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and familial/interpersonal relationship dysfunction. Dr. Wymbs is currently accepting new Ph.D. students.

Contributing and Emeriti Faculty

These faculty are not currently accepting graduate students.

John Garske

Clinical psychology. The characteristics of effective psychotherapeutic interventions and time-limited psychotherapy.

Christine Gidycz

Research interests include the design and evaluation of interventions for the prevention of sexual assault, risk factors for sexual victimization and aggression, and correlates of trauma in sexual assault survivors

Ken Holroyd

Research interests include pain and headache management, assessment of the effectiveness of drug and psychological treatments for pain, innovative methods of delivery of psychological services.

Gary S. Sarver

Clinical/Adult psychology.