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Psychology Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DISJ) Committee


The responsibilities of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Committee include the following:

  • Advancing a diverse faculty and student body
  • Providing faculty and students with training regarding diversity, inclusion, and social justice issues
  • Promoting research and teaching related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Promoting a psychologically safe and inclusive organizational climate


The Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies and the Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies are ex officio members. In addition, the diversity advocate from each section’s admissions committee will serve on the committee. There also are two graduate student representatives, one from each section, selected by the Graduate Representative Council (GRC). There are also two undergraduate representatives, selected by Psi Chi. In addition, although these individuals will serve as the core committee, the membership is open to any other individuals who wish to contribute to the goals of the committee. If interested in joining the committee, please contact one of the Psychology DISJ Core members such as the Director of Clinical Training, Director of Experimental Training, Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies, Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Undergraduate Representative, or Graduate Student Representative.

Teams Channel

Everyone in the Psychology Department, regardless of DISJ committee membership, can request access to the DISJ Teams channel that has recordings of Core meetings, notes from each subcommittee, and resources. To request access, please email Brian Wymbs,


  • Curriculum Training – Address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in across the department’s undergraduate and graduate curriculum to meet the needs of the students in our classes and to educate and train a culturally competent student body. Areas of action: (a) review and propose changes to undergraduate curriculum; (b) review and propose changes to the graduate curriculum; and (c) identify and share resources with instructors.
  • Departmental Support Identify, develop, and share student and faculty support resources.
  • Survey Develop and administer survey to assess the strengths and weaknesses/areas for improvement of the department in regard to Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DISJ).

Psychology DISJ Newsletter

The Ohio University Psychology Department’s Diversity Inclusion and Social Justice (DISJ) committee started to regularly distribute a newsletter to spotlight Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) happenings at the university and within the department.