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About Graduate Financial Aid and Tuition Remission for Psychology Students

In recent years, all graduate students who requested full support for the four to five years of their doctoral study received it. Graduate assistantship appointments include both a stipend and remission of tuition for the nine-month school year. Graduate assistantships and tuition waivers also are available during the summer for many students.

Financial aid is awarded on the basis of merit. No additional information is required beyond the application materials. All applicants are considered for financial aid unless they state that they do not wish to be considered.

Students who receive stipends and tuition waivers are expected to work 15 hours per week. This usually involves assisting faculty members with their classes or research. In later years, students often choose to teach undergraduate classes.

About Research & Travel Support for Psychology Students

All students receive a $300 spending account, which they may use to defray costs incurred in their research. Students may also receive $250 per year to attend a professional conference to give a presentation.