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OHIO physicists are working on next-gen materials for high-tech
Semiconductors and electric cars depend on new technology

Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Degrees

Prepare for careers in high tech by studying things that are really small, really fast, and very experimental

Students studying physics and astronomy at OHIO get the experience they need to succeed in careers in science and technology, business and industry, government and public affairs—and even careers of the future that don't exist yet.

Imagine helping with nuclear physics experiments in the Edwards Accelerator Laboratory. Or working with faculty on quark-gluon plasma interactions. Or experimenting with lasers and spectrometry as fast as femtoseconds. Or working in a nanotechnology lab designing the machines and materials of the future. 

​  Nanomachines designed by Saw-Wai Hla  ​
​ Nanomachines designed by Saw-Wai Hla ​

"The rise of nanotechnology is suggesting that the 21th Century will be dedicated to much smaller machines that can travel inside the smallest spaces including human cells," wrote Professor Saw-Wai Hla and co-authors in Nature Communications.

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Take Advantage of Undergraduate Research at OHIO 

The Physics & Astronomy Department has a strong commitment to both graduate and undergraduate research. Thanks to federal funding of faculty, the department is able to offer up to dozens of research projects per year for interested undergraduate students.

More than 75 percent of the department's graduating students have done research internships with faculty during their time at Ohio University. 

Read more about undergraduate research opportunities at Ohio University.

Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. David Tees