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Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

Colloquia are Fridays at 4:10 p.m. in Clippinger 194.

Fall 2022

Aug. 26, "Departmental Welcome: Opening Ceremony by Eric Stinaff"

Sept. 2, In-person: "Internal Corrosion of CO2 Transmission Pipelines made from Carbon Steel – Current Understanding and Main Challenges" | Srdjan Nesic, Director of the Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology of Ohio University (Contact: Alexander Govorov)

Sept. 9, Virtual: "Touching the Sun: The Science of Parker Solar Probe" | Kelly Korreck of Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge Massachusetts (Contact: Arthur Smith)

Sept. 16,

Sept. 23, In-person: "It's all about the Money" | Michael Wiescher of University of Notre Dame (Contact: Zach Meisel)

Sept. 30, Fall Break

Oct. 7, In-person: "Nanotech, Catalysis, and Energy" | Alberto Naldoni of Turino, Italy

Oct. 14, Virtual: "Engineering Structures and Properties of Complex Food Systems" | Erik van der Linden, of The Netherlands (Contact: Arthur Smith)

Oct. 21,  "Spin Qubits" | Jason Petta of Princeton (Contact: Nancy Sandler)

Oct. 28, In-person: "What physics allows you to do, both on the fundamentals and outside of it. (Energy Transition and Policy)." | Normand Mousseau of Université de Montréal (Contact: Dave)

Nov. 04, In-person: "Autonomous Vehicles and Aerial Collision Avoidance" | Jay Wilhelm of Mechanical Engineering, Ohio University (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Nov. 11, No Colloquium - Holiday

Nov. 18, In-person: "A Case Study in Nuclear Proliferation - The Iran Nuclear Deal and the Responsibility of Physicists." | Matthias Grosse Perdekamp of The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign  (Contact: David Ingram)

Nov. 25, No Colloquium - Holiday

Dec. 02, In-person: “Queering Physics: LGBT+ History, Research, and Successes in Physics.” | Ramon Barthelemy of University of Utah (Contact: Zach Meisel)

Spring 2022

Jan. 14, "Phase Transitions in Evolutionary and Population Dynamics" | Sonya Bahar, Center for Neurodynamics University of Missouri at St. Louis (Contact: Alexander Neiman)

Jan. 21, "From Qubits to Transistors and Back"  | Andreas Fuhrer for IBM Research of Zurich (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Jan. 28, "Growth Hormone, Mini-Mice, Football, Dirty Shorts, and a New Drug" | John Kopchick of Ohio University (Contact: Alexander Govorov)

Feb. 4, "Learning and Teaching Styles for Introductory Physics Classes" | Gabriela Popa of Ohio University (Contact: Alexander Govorov)

Feb. 11, "From Qubits to Thermal Machines" | Liliana Arrachea of Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina(Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Interviewing NT candidates Feb. 14 to March 4.

Feb. 14 "Integrated Structure and Reaction Theories for Accurate Predictions in the FRIB era" | Chloë Hebborn (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/Michigan State University) 4:10 pm, Walter 235

Feb. 17 "Nuclear Matter from Chiral Effective Field Theory in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy" | Christian Drischler (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University) 4:10 pm, Bentley 227

Feb. 18 | The Q&A Session for the Search for New Departmental Chair

Feb. 21 "Investigating the Physics of Dense Matter: Experiments in the Neutron Star Lab" | Alex Deibel (Indiana University) 4:10 pm, Walter 235

Feb. 24 "New Insights into Nuclear Physics Using Nucleosynthesis" | Evan Grohs (North Carolina State University) 4:10 pm, Bentley 227

Feb. 25 | The Q&A Session for the Search for New Departmental Chair

Feb. 28 | Nuclear Theory talk, TBA. 4:10 pm, Walter 235

March 4 | The week of interviewing NT candidates

March 11 |  Spring Break

March 18  The Friday Colloquium is canceled and will be rescheduled. "Engineering Structures and Properties of Complex Food Systems" | Erik Van der Linden (Contact: Arthur Smith)

March 25 "Radioactive Atoms and Molecules for Fundamental Science" | Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz of MIT (Contact: Daniel Phillips) 4:10 pm, Walter Hall 145

April 1 "Few-electron Graphene Quantum Dots" | Thomas Ihn of ETH, Zurich (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

April 8 "Neutron Star News in the Multi-messenger Era" | Madappa Prakash of Ohio University (Contact: Zach Meisel). 

April 15 "Quantum: From Quarks to Computing" | David Dean of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Quantum Science Center (Contact: Charlotte Elster)

April  22, Awards Ceremony 4:10 p.m. @ Walter 145. In Person Only


  1. The Recognition of Awards
  2. "Prime Experiences" by Ken Hicks!
  3.  Coffee and Cookies Outside Walter 145 at 3:45 p.m.

Please come and celebrate the accomplishments of our students and wish them well as they make the next steps in their lives!

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