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Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

Colloquia are Fridays at 4:10 p.m. in Clippinger 194.

Spring 2022

Jan. 14, "Phase Transitions in Evolutionary and Population Dynamics" | Sonya Bahar, Center for Neurodynamics University of Missouri at St. Louis (Contact: Alexander Neiman)

Jan. 21, "From Qubits to Transistors and Back"  | Andreas Fuhrer for IBM Research of Zurich (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Jan. 28, "Growth Hormone, Mini-Mice, Football, Dirty Shorts, and a New Drug" | John Kopchick of Ohio University (Contact: Alexander Govorov)

Feb. 4, "Learning and Teaching Styles for Introductory Physics Classes" | Gabriela Popa of Ohio University (Contact: Alexander Govorov)

Feb. 11, "From Qubits to Thermal Machines" | Liliana Arrachea of Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina(Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Interviewing NT candidates Feb. 14 to March 4.

Feb. 14 "Integrated Structure and Reaction Theories for Accurate Predictions in the FRIB era" | Chloë Hebborn (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/Michigan State University) 4:10 pm, Walter 235

Feb. 17 "Nuclear Matter from Chiral Effective Field Theory in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy" | Christian Drischler (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University) 4:10 pm, Bentley 227

Feb. 18 | The Q&A Session for the Search for New Departmental Chair

Feb. 21 "Investigating the Physics of Dense Matter: Experiments in the Neutron Star Lab" | Alex Deibel (Indiana University) 4:10 pm, Walter 235

Feb. 24 "New Insights into Nuclear Physics Using Nucleosynthesis" | Evan Grohs (North Carolina State University) 4:10 pm, Bentley 227

Feb. 25 | The Q&A Session for the Search for New Departmental Chair

Feb. 28 | Nuclear Theory talk, TBA. 4:10 pm, Walter 235

March 4 | The week of interviewing NT candidates

March 11 |  Spring Break

March 18  The Friday Colloquium is canceled and will be rescheduled. "Engineering Structures and Properties of Complex Food Systems" | Erik Van der Linden (Contact: Arthur Smith)

March 25 "Radioactive Atoms and Molecules for Fundamental Science" | Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz of MIT (Contact: Daniel Phillips) 4:10 pm, Walter Hall 145

April 1 "Few-electron Graphene Quantum Dots" | Thomas Ihn of ETH, Zurich (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

April 8 "Neutron Star News in the Multi-messenger Era" | Madappa Prakash of Ohio University (Contact: Zach Meisel). 

April 15 "Quantum: From Quarks to Computing" | David Dean of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Quantum Science Center (Contact: Charlotte Elster)

April  22, Awards Ceremony 4:10 p.m. @ Walter 145. In Person Only


  1. The Recognition of Awards
  2. "Prime Experiences" by Ken Hicks!
  3.  Coffee and Cookies Outside Walter 145 at 3:45 p.m.

Please come and celebrate the accomplishments of our students and wish them well as they make the next steps in their lives!

Fall 2021

Aug. 27, Welcome Event (First Week) There will be a short online presentation from Dr. David Ingram at 4:10 p.m. You should have received a Teams invitation for that. After the chair's presentation, you are invited to attend the rest of the welcome event outside of Clippinger in the courtyard on the northside at ~4:30 p.m. We will use the first floor and second floor foyers if the weather is inclement (too hot and/or raining).

Sept. 3, "Size Matters: Opto-electronic Studies of Nanostructured and Atomically Thin Materials" | Eric Stinaff of Ohio University (Contact: Alexander Govorov)

Sept. 10, "New Results on Stellar Neutrinos" | Frank Timmes of Arizona State University (Contact: Zack Meisel)

Sept. 17

Sept. 24, "The Edwards-Fest - the Accelerator Lab 50th Birthday Party" | (Contact: Daniel Phillips)

Oct. 8, Canceled

Oct. 15, "In Pursuit of Higher Order: Topology in 2D Materials" | Ken Burch of LASE, Laboratory for Assembly and Spectroscopy of Emergence, Boston College (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Oct. 22,  "Vacuum and Molecules for Useful Quantum Advantage Today " | Felipe Herrera of Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Contact: Alexander Govorov and Oscar Avalos Ovando)

Oct. 29, "Microscopic Robots?!" | Paul McEuen of Cornell University Director, Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Nov. 05, "What J-TUPP/PHYS21 and PIPELINE/EPIC can do for Your Department and Your Programs." | Douglas N. Arion of  Carthage College, Wisconsin (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Nov. 12, "Physics of Eating" | Peter Lillford of Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham, UK (Contact: Arthur Smith)

Nov. 19, "Synthetic Biology: Life Redesigned" | James J. Collins of Dept. of Biological Engineering, MIT; Wyss Institute, Harvard University; Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Contact: Alexander Neiman)

Nov. 26, No Colloquium

Dec. 03, "The State-of-the-art Ultra-low Temperature STM. Talk: A Microscopic View of Graphene Quantum Hall States with STM and AFM Measurements" | Joseph A. Stroscio of National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg (Contact: Arthur Smith)

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