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How to Look for a Job in Physics

For physics majors, the job categories in career listings might not actually say "physics."

The American Institute of Physics provides a detailed listing of categories often applicable to physics students. "Laser Engineering," for example, or "Research Technician."

"A physics education provides a unique way of looking at problems that many employers value, a marketable set of skills, and foundational knowledge on which it is easy to build new knowledge as one's career evolves over time," says the AIP. "You should also know that physics bachelor's who get hired into positions with engineering or computer science job titles get paid the same salary as those who earned bachelor's degrees in those fields. A physics degree tells a prospective employer that you are a person who has the background, knowledge and drive to succeed in broad range of scientific or technical fields."

The AIP also provides a list of employers that have recently hired physics students, from companies like Apple and Cisco to banks and defense contractors.

AIP also provides a state-by-state listing of employers who hired physics majors.