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Visit the Physics & Astronomy Department

Visit physics and see the Edwards Accelerator Lab.
Visit physics and see the Edwards Accelerator Lab.

Seeing the campus environment and research opportunities firsthand is the best way to determine if the Physics & Astronomy Department at Ohio University is the right place for you.

What is a Typical Schedule for a Visit?

Visits are scheduled individually, and take approximately two hours. Either morning or afternoon visits can be accommodated. You will meet one-on-one with several professors and have a chance to discuss the lifestyle of a student and the career opportunities for our majors. You also will tour some of the department's research facilities, such as the Edwards Accelerator Lab, the most powerful accelerator in the State of Ohio. If you also want to talk to a current undergraduate student, a meeting can be arranged. In addition, the Admissions Office offers tours that can be scheduled separately.

How to Schedule a Visit

Send an email to A reply will be sent to you by the next business day. One of the professors in the Physics & Astronomy Department will contact you to provide more information and/or set up a date for your visit.

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