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The arrival of Intel’s $20 billion semiconductor manufacturing complex in central Ohio brings with it the promise of 3,000 high-paying high-tech jobs building “chips” that power almost every electronic device that we depend on for life. What’s more, Intel’s announcement, along with recent expansions for the Google and Facebook data centers at Ohio’s New Albany International Business Park, further solidifies Ohio as a hub for high-tech careers.

These developments translate into big opportunities for people across the state, including in Appalachian Ohio. Ohio University is partnering with Intel and with other institutions of higher education to educate people across the region about the career opportunities available and to provide the training they need to embrace them. Discover how you can prepare for these high-tech opportunities. 

Ohio University leading Appalachian Semiconductor Education and Technical (ASCENT) Ecosystem 

Intel awarded Ohio University $3 million in grant funding to serve as the lead institution for the Appalachian Semiconductor Education and Technical (ASCENT) Ecosystem, a program that will create an inclusive workforce development and training program to cultivate the next generation of skilled technical professionals for Ohio’s emerging semiconductor industry.

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A rendering shows early plans for two new leading-edge Intel processor factories in Licking County, Ohio. Construction is expected to begin in late 2022, with production coming online at the end of 2025.

ASCENT Program Leaders

Avinash Karanth

Chair of Ohio University’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and the Joseph K. Jachinowski Professor. Dr. Karanth leads the Technologies for Emerging Computer Architecture Laboratory (TEAL).

Eric Stinaff

Chair of Ohio University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and Director of the Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute. Dr. Stinaff’s research centers on investigating the optical and electronic properties of novel semiconductor materials, nanostructures and nanostructure-based devices. 

ASCENT Faculty Expertise

$20 Billion
Committed to build two leading-edge chip factories in Ohio
Planned Intel jobs as well as 7,000 construction jobs and extensive potential growth for local suppliers
Pledged to support higher education in Ohio to build a pipeline of talent

Prepare for a Career in Ohio’s High-Tech Industries

Ohio University offers a variety of degrees that will set you up for career success in high-tech manufacturing, network engineering, data center operations and more.

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