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Colloquia at a Glance

Colloquia are held in Walter Hall 245 at 4:10 p.m.,unless otherwise noted.

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Fall 2017

Sept. 01: Opening, No Colloquium Talk

Sept. 08:John Beacom, "TeV—PeV Neutrino Astronomy: Detections and Mysteries" Professor and Director of CCAPP, Ohio State University [Nuclear Physics] (Contact: Justin Frantz)

Sept. 15: André Longtin, "The Physical Limits of Sensory Integration and Control" University of Ottawa [Biophysics] (Contact: Alexander Neiman)

Sept. 18: Paul King, "New Limits on Physics Beyond the Standard Model from the Qweak Experiment" Ohio University [Nuclear/Particle] (Contact: Daniel Phillips)

Sept. 22: Jeremy Levy, "Correlated Nanoelectronics" University of Pittsburgh, [Condensed matter] (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Sept. 29: Joe Slocik, "Exploiting Biology for the Development of Air Force Relevant Materials" Dayton Air Force Labs [nano-bio, applications] (Contact: Sasha Govorov)

Oct. 06: Cristina Marchetti, "Active Matter: From Colloids to Living Cells" Syracuse University [bio] (Contact: Peter Jung)

Oct. 13:  Douglas Clowe, "The Dark Side of the Universe" Ohio University (Contact: Ken Hicks)

Oct. 20: Julie Roche, "Building a Tomographic Image of the Proton" Ohio Univeristy (Contact: Ken Hicks)

Oct. 27: Duncan Brown, "Gravitational Waves: A New Frontier in 21st Century Astronomy" Syracuse University, NY,  [Astro] (Contact: Madappa Prakash] 

Nov. 03: Ana Maria Rey, JILA [Condensed Matter] (Contact: Sergio Ulloa)

Nov. 10: Holidays, Veterans Day

Nov. 17: Anze Slosar, Brookhaven National Lab [Astronomy] (Contact: Hee-Jong Seo)

Nov. 24: Holidays, Thanksgiving Break   

Dec. 01: Michael Wiescher, University of Notre Dame [Nuclear Physics] (Contact: Justin Frantz)

Dec. 08: Philip Grandinetti, Ohio State University, [CM] (Contact: Gang Chen)


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